A Cute Bird!

So, it is another one of those parenting moments,

Ayana Rhys : Ma, Teacher said I should study! Ate, can you bring my bag to our room please!!

Me : Yan, it’s already bedtime! Let’s study tomorrow!

Of course, she did not listen to me. She was flipping through her Science book, and have arrived to Animals and Their Youngs section,

Ayana Rhys : A dog and a puppy. A cat and a kitten… *pauses*

The third picture’s a bit hard, a picture of a bird and it’s young…

Ayana Rhys : Uhm…….(takes a deep breath and said) This is a very cute bird!!

Me : Yes, yes! It is! Now let’s go to sleep?! Please!??


Friday Night Live


So of course, my disagree-able, leggings-loving first-born Mikaela, chose tonight, of all the week nights, a Friday night. To study. We have power struggle, mini world war clash of wills, shout match during periodical exam nights but not tonight.

Tonight the universe conspired and poured down upon my 4-year-old daughter all the good-will and the muses of studying smiled upon her gently and lovingly cajoled her to study. This is around 10pm, when her Pa’s about to turn the lights off, she demanded that we study. Yes. Demanded. And proceeded to order me to get her book. Her writing book. Aha! She wants to practice writing. Her Papa’s insistence finally paid off, check the post here.

So not withstanding my about ready to shut down brain + eyes, I trudged downstairs and got her writing book. With the characteristic no rhyme no reason of a 4-year-old, she flipped open the book to the letter Y. Her ever supportive Pa watched over because her Mama is too lazy sleepy to do otherwise, gently told her that her strokes are all wrong. As with all 4-year-olds, she did not want to be corrected and then smartly said her standard reply to every instance that she’s not right “Mao man ingon ni Pitcher!” In English ” It is what Pitcher said”. Yes she calls her teacher Princess, Pitcher Princess. It is not for luck of trying or care on our part but we’ve told her a gazillion times that it is Teacher emphasis on teach not pitch. Sigh. Would have made me a little better if she’d enunciated peach not pitch. She took after her Pa on the matter of English grammar and pronunciation and of course I’ve always suspected Mikaela’s a little off in hearing, which again, I blame on dear husband’s gene. His left ear is really not so good sshhh.

Note : This was my first mobile post. It turned out okay but I need to “align full”, indent and add some links , for it to look a bit cleaner. It appeared just about okay on my phone but I still haven’t figured how to have the image appear on the bottom.