Picture Tuesday : How To Make A Tree Using Clay (instructions for and by Dads/Pas)

This weekend Mikaela brought with her another “home delight” because obviously it aims to delight unsuspecting parents when they read about a kind of torture in the form of homework (every parent who agrees with me, raise your hand!), the teacher concocted for me and my dear husband to fight over and guaranteed sure  headache generator. (Okay, I may be exaggerating a bit, but sometimes it truly feels like torture, what? with a flighty 4 and a half-year old, it  can get quite nasty).

Home Delight!

Since I have “nada-zero” art-sy ability except singing, wait, does singing count? I’m glad dear husband is not in China, to save the day.

First, prepare and let the clay “breathe”. By breathing, you have to first let your two kids do their thing with the “to be used” white, green, light green, black and brown clay. Let your youngest daughter pinch the clay to bits and combine all the colors, so that later, you’ll have the damnedest of times trying to sort the colors out. This is justice served because you didn’t listen, when your wife told you to start doing the “delightful project” the moment you arrived home from buying said clay and bond paper (ONLY, oh the effort!).

Off to go buy clay. Taken by Mikaela, the focus is more or less like her focus on home works, blurred.

(Of which your dear beautiful wife have to have her blood pressure raised by stupid stupid and I mean the stupidest people on the courtesy booth line, who doesn’t know and understand how a simple wait for your turn concept works, at the stupid stupid store, which by the way, you will not be setting your feet ever again. )

Seriously ready.

Ayana Rhys doing her thing.

And while your two kids play,  busy yourself by watching a basketball/volleyball game.

The equally serious Pa on the background. Seriously watching a basketball game.

When the girls clear out, do your thing.  Separate the clay according to the color, start with the roots, work your way up to the trunk and the leaves. The branches are a bit tricky, make sure to precisely measure the amount of clay to use, not too thin and not too thick. Spread/flatten evenly, this takes time to perfect. Make sure you have a knife handy to sculpt off some excesses. (don’t worry, no kid, remember? no worries about the knife) Be very sure that the thing actually sticks to the bond paper.

No rolling-pin, used the glass instead.

It sticks alright.

Making sure it's flat as can be.

Doing it yourself is not only rational but logical. Forget this is your daughter’s homework, make the tree like it was for your own school project not for your preparatory school daughter. (As my friend Nami, says it, this is how we roll). Call your daughter when it’s done and let her write her name on top. Let her label the parts of the tree too!

Done. A tree made from clay but looks like it's a water-color painting.

Writing her name.


The parts of a tree.

Oh yeah, here’s the pre-schooler ready with her home delight. And YES, she’s still wearing leggings!

Ready. Pardon the hair, blame this on her Mom.