Okay, this morning we were hit with a 7.2 magnitude earthquake and this is the only excuse I can exonerate myself with all this very thought-provoking, world-changing topic of deciphering the meaning of LIKE in Facebook. You know the iconic, usually blue and white thumbs up button in Facebook? Ah huh! That LIKE!

As usual FB is like the new “newsroom”.


With feeds that updates in milli-microseconds (of course depending on your internet access speed of course), it’s like watching a mini or an indie movie reading posts. Drama, comedy, horror, rom-com, romance, adventure, you name it, you’ll read it!

Then, a friend posted about feeling confused about people liking friends’ statuses of aftershocks still happening and she suggested, why not post prayers, suggestions on keeping safe and or nice thoughts.

Like is like, she said, it’s easy enough to understand the meaning. Comment. if you need to comment and share if you like to share, and promote if you need to promote an important post.

This is what prompted me to write this blog post to be able to explore and share my take on this thing which, by the way I am thankful because it’s been ages that I’ve been here. And it’s been my mom/dad gig, yoga and driving that’s been taking a lot of my time lately.  In no particular order. Whew!

So I am here, pounding the keyboards at home still feeling the aftershocks by the way. Trying to sort out my thoughts about this really relevant, world-changing topic – LIKE on Facebook.  Oh yeah, I wrote this already on the first paragraph.

Like is like.

It really is pretty straightforward.

It is easier to see the word “like” being used as like, when the post is positive or something good, good news or accomplishments, dreams come true etc. For me, it simply means you are happy for the person posting it. Or at least that’s the general idea, my general idea.

But the thing is, not all POSTS in FB are positive and or straightforward. Or simple.

There are posts that are both positive and negative in tone. Posts that are humorous and at the same time tragic. There are posts of both hopes and despairs all in one breath or should I be more specific in one sentence.  Posts that are selfish and selfless and there are posts that are inspiring and posts that are so depressing, that when reading it you feel sucked into a wormhole of gloom and doom. And there are posts of gruesome pictures of mutilated bodies and or rape victims or injuries in some calamities or tragedy.

This is when the bit of LIKING gets so confusing for me too. Because, there are people liking these posts. The business of LIKING now becomes tricky. You may be liking only a part of the post or statement, and since you don’t have an option to only like certain parts, then you opted to just comment. Or if you are like me, I liked it because what for me was the shining main idea of the one posting was the glimmer of hope because people still can see something to smile about amidst the face of buildings collapsing, then I clicked LIKED.

You may be liking the update because it keeps you updated also, or that you are liking because you are having the same feeling or experience, or simply liking the post because you want it to appear at your wall or timeline? I don’t know. But is there a rule created by FB? I think not. So I’m guessing, they are letting us have our own say on our own account.

How many FB users are there? Probably millions. And I’ve come to realize that it’s naïve to think I’ll be able to understand everyone’s posts, likes, comments and their reasons to share certain posts that maybe gruesome to me but my friend thought, would be good information to share. And that I don’t also need to explain every single post I’m posting. And it’s also just setting yourself up for frustration, expecting every single one of those millions of users to have the same understanding of every single posts every single time.

My point?

Well, FB is a “personal” sort of page, so I am thinking since it is their own accounts and not my account they are using, I believe they have the right to doing anything or liking anything that is within the limits of the user rights and responsibilities.  I don’t need to understand every single post they posts, unless I choose to. The beauty of freedom of expression and of simplifying. And yes, that also means, they can rant all they want or bitch on someone, not that it’s classy, but if that’s how they roll, I am not going to judge. I will never be able to understand everyone, heck, I don’t even understand myself sometimes, I’ve learned early on to not be so overly bothered by certain posts or certain people. What I do however, since I am after all an adult human being with all my faculties in tact, I filter my news feeds. I only show what I want shown in case I miss someone, I just search their names and get to reading their updates.

And oh, I also do yoga!

So, how do you like liking in FB so far? 🙂