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My 3-year-old is now attending Kindergarten.

Me : Yana, you will have a quiz tomorrow about shapes! Let’s review.

Ayana Rhys : *running about

Me : Okay, let’s start with this door knob, what shape is this?

Ayana Rhys : A! A square!

Me : Circle!

Me : How about this door? What shape is this?

Ayana Rhys : A… a circle!

Me :  No, this is a rectangle!

Me starting to be alarmed….

Me : How about this pillow? What shape is this

Ayana Rhys : A circle!

Note to self, “we’ve got a long way to go baby!”, a very long way to go!


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It’s been a while.

For a minute there, I thought I wasn’t going to be able to successfully log into my wordpress account.

What an eventful 1st quarter!

I lost a good friend to cancer last March. Jay, I miss you. I’ll make sure to keep your memories alive by telling my two daughters about you, about how much you have inspired us with your strength and courage.


On the lighter side, let me share with you the surprise I got last Saturday.


Surprise make-over. We were really "surprised"!

Surprise make-over. We were really “surprised”!

Can you tell who the hairstylist is?


The one with the huge grin at the back.

Good thing hair grows back. I take solace in the fact that it was apparently a joint consented venture. The first and last thing our nanny heard was Mikaela saying to the very compliant Ayana, “throw it outside the window”. They were unanimous in throwing evidence away. As if they can get away with the now painfully obvious “result” of their creative-partnership crime.

My fervent hope now is that Ayana will not disown me when she hits puberty and finds out I posted it on my blog.



Now My Dog

Remember my part-time pet cat? She turned 3 last October 17! Yay!


Yana, 0, 1, 2, 3.


So as usual, we went to Sto. Niño Basilica, just like last year. Most Filipinos are Catholic and during birthdays, it is usually celebrated by hearing mass and or going to church and light some candles and offer prayers of thanks.

This year, I thought going to the basilica will be a breeze. The girls are a year older, so logically, that means they’ll behave better…….Yeah, right!

There is this mini-garden with a fountain in the middle and a sort of pond on the other end. When we get to the line queue, they zeroed on in the fountain.  They were shouting and running about. Yes, inside a holy solemn place where pilgrims from all over the world pay homage to the Sto. Niño, a place for, and of, prayers. 

They picked out smooth rocks on the small garden and proceeded to throw it at the pond. I caught them middle throw and just like thieves caught with their loot, they both freeze, and abruptly dropped the stones and then ran to the other side of the pond. I am sorely tempted to get back in the line and pretend they are not my children but of course good parenting or at least my attempt at reining/containing their misplaced overabundance of energy won out. I cringe when the security guard admonished me to stop my two children from getting the smooth rocks on the landscape and throwing them on the pond. But this was not what I am most embarrassed about. It was when we were on the door leading to the small alcove-like room with the holy image and the people fervently praying, that made me close my eyes, held my head on my hand and brace for impact. Ayana Rhys, the little imp, shouted “AAAAHHH!” at the top of her lungs and did it again because of the ever magic-to-a-toddler, echo!

So left with no choice, I picked, carried my errant 3-year-old daughter and prayed for more patience and guidance on how to be a better parent, a better mom. 

P.S. By the way, she’s a dog now. (Totally her choice).  Here boy!

A cat then, a dog now.

Disclaimer : The belt as leash is totally her idea and I let her use it only with my supervision.


Mikaela When….

Hi friends! It’s been a long while.

Why, I miss you too! 🙂

My first-born turned 5 last July 29 and while cuddling her a few days before her birthday, I excitedly told her that she’ll turn 5 soon, she told me matter-of-factly that she likes to be 6!  We’ve already established that she will be 5 first and then 6 a year after, but that doesn’t stop her from badgering me once in a while if she’s 6 already. Kids and ages. Me? I stopped counting at 25.


She is a kindergartner now, with 6 subjects. Six! Tough? Yes. But definitely tougher to the parents. Just a few weeks back after their 2nd mastery exam, I asked how she found the exams, reading most especially, since upon review, my little whiner said, “cgeg balik-balik Ma oi!”, in English it roughly translates to, *always reviewing, always repeating Ma!”. And what did my turtle/memorized-word reader replied?

“The words are new Ma. Teacher said it’s okay to practice at home!”

Toink! Righting myself from my eventual chair fall, I went to the nearest mall and bought two whiteboard marker, commence reading tutorial. Battle of wills? Check.


On the brighter side, she’s slightly improving on her 2-year old leggings obsession. I say slightly because a few Monday’s ago, she decided to not wear leggings under her school uniform anymore. *insert, me doing a fist pump. Yes!* This really is the real deal. Remember my I-spoke-too-soon-moment ? Barring school, the leggings is still the only type of clothing she wears anywhere anytime. Still, I am grateful for small sweet triumphs though.

Other than that, she’s still testing our patience on a daily basis. I’ll leave you with these one-liners from my progeny:


When pooping :  “Ma, what letter is my poop? I? L? Big letter L, small letter l?”

 When things are not according to her OCD-ish plans : “Check mark Papa, X mark Mama!”

When on a coughing spell, hoarse voice : “*cough* *cough* *cough*, HELLO? HELLO?” (testing her voice like testing a microphone)


I know, right? One word. Crazy!



Weekend Bedroom Spins

My husband is gross and my 4-year-old is crazy.

Case in point.

Last Sunday morning, Mikaela had the brilliant idea of reviewing her exam papers when we woke up.  She has this really weird study timing. And of course she picked me, to do the reviews with her. Early. Sunday. Morning.  I was actually hoping for a chance to sneak some early morning FB, twitter, instagram, blog reads, session. Alas! No such luck. She is a very persistent girl. So the review commenced. (Oh, btw we reviewed the papers early Saturday morning too! And I have to add that this month is the summer vacation month, no school. Go figure.)

Their Pa is snoring. Loudly. I want to whack him. Either that, or smother him with the biggest pillow I can get my hands on.  Of course, the baby Ayana Rhys wants to hog all my attention too. After every page was turned, every item covered, and Ayana Rhys doing her best to make her Ate Kaela crazy/crazier with her antics, like counting nonsensically while her Ate (Filipino name for elder sisters) is counting also, or snatching and tearing the stapled test papers, and me tethering on the edge of madness, I had a light bulb moment and said, “how about waking up Papa together!” The two crazies sneaked inside their father’s blanket and proceeded to ride and jump on their father’s back! Yay! Sweet revenge! Now here comes the gross part, (Nami and Bridget, I think you know where this story is going), while snuggling together all 3 of them, Mikaela protested, “Baho ka utot Papa oi!” translation, “Your fart stinks Pa!”. I of course gave him the stink eye (pun intended) and what did I get? A sheepish grin! The nastiest thing was, he did it again, with me inside the blanket! This time, I did whacked him on the head and the forehead!

What is it with husbands and farting?

10 Reasons Being A Kid Rocks

Hello Monday!

Stasha the List Master thought of this week’s topic, ten reasons why being a child is great.

From my two beautiful girls, here’s why:

1. You can go skinny dipping anytime. Anywhere.

Skinny dipping.

2. Or go topless.

Topless @ Bohol Tropics.

3. Eating messy is cute. The messier the cuter you get.

Messy Ayana Rhys.

4. Sticking your tongue out is cute. You are not called childish. (ha!)

Doing it before.

Doing it still.

5. Meeting someone new is never complicated. It is easy.


6. Telling someone you don’t like him/her is not hard either.

No. Thank you.

7. You can wear leggings anytime, anywhere, everywhere and get away with it.

Leggings at home.


Leggings at the mall.

Check out the girl with the white/pink stripes leggings, yep! That's my Mikaela.

Leggings-less at a McDonald's kiddie party?


8. Because finding a cute crab is just about THE only hardest thing to do.

With their Pa. One early morning, trying their best to find the cutest crab there is!

9. And finally finding one, is the best-est feeling ever!

Finally found one!

10. Everything is new! Anything is possible! It is a magical place. To be a kid.

I Have 2 Live-in Nannies To Do My Chores. Thank you.

It’s been awhile since I’ve  linked up with Stasha at The Good Life for the weekly 10 Monday Listicles. The topic chosen by Wendy this week, was easy peasy, so I’m joining in. 

Although, I have to tell you, I have 2 live-in nannies and they basically do all the household chores, but still, I’m conjuring up my memories of nanny-free days for this post. And I have to add, I don’t hate cleaning our room from ceiling to floor, go through all the nooks and crannies, but cleaning the WHOLE house is an entirely different matter which I whole-heartedly entrust to my more than willing and capable husband. Thank you.

10 things I would rather be doing than cleaning the house

1. Read. Now, if only there’s a way to read not using the eyes and hands and just sit on a comfy chair. I know there are audio books, which I haven’t tried yet and I really ought to really try ASAP.

2. Sleep.

3. Blog hop/read.

4. Check Facebook.

5. Videoke. We have our own portable videoke player so I’m very much covered. 😉

6. Watch my 2 girls play. Watch is the operative verb. Don’t hate me so much but you really need lots and lots of energy with play sessions with a 4.5 and a 2.3 boundless source of energies, and right now, I need all the R&R I could get. It’s the PMS.

7. Read recaps on my current fave Korean dramas at Dramabeans.

8. Watch Korean dramas on DVD.  I have to thank the universe because my love for Korean dramas is now rubbing off my husband. Our weekly night dates with Lee Min Ho in City Hunter is one of the best dates ever, currently, we are on episode 16 out of 20. We see as many episodes as possible, between Mikaela and Ayana Rhys’  Backyardigans and Pororo movie marathon.

9. Watch Bones Season 7 on DVD.

10. Sleep.