Yesterday was truly a fulfilling day.
First and foremost, to those who have moved this drive from start to finish, donated and given their time, their efforts and their financial help, to making this relief operation, thank you!
Thank you!
May you be blessed a thousand fold!

I’d like to share some of the highlights from our experience from my point of view.

We started early. Meeting time 4:45am and surprisingly most were early. Tiffany aka Panyang, yes the Mrs. Santa Claus,  she’s a quite regular character on this blog, she appeared here and here, was the main person/coordinator/mover for this relief good operations, together with the Boholanos and Boholanas, who worked at Lear, they were all sorts of amazing.

We hired 2  pumpboats with a capacity of 30pax. We were 2 groups, our group is bound to Catigbian and the other group bound for Loon.

The sea was very calm, the waters clear and the early morning breeze and the sunrise made for a relaxing 1.5hr boat ride. If you will not take into account the sacks of relief goods and bottles of water and boxes, it is a scene reminiscent of an island hopping adventure!

Our early start paid off. We were able to dock at the minipier in Inabanga without worrying about the pumpboats’ propeller getting dinged.

The challenge begun when we realized we have to walk a kilometer to meet the truck that will take us to the area where we’re giving out the goods. The pier road is very narrow and yes “roughed” up from the October 15 earthquake. Good thing the tricycle drivers were willing to ferry our stuff not for free but for any amount we would like to give them.

The men had it bad since they have to carry some items themselves and walk the kilometer walk and it’s about the same time the wind got pissy and left us. =)

The earthquake was kind to some houses but for others, it is devastating.  We finally were able to put down our bags and looked around the public market and to have some breakfast. The locals were telling us how the aftershocks can be heard from the mountains first and then after a few seconds the tremors reaches them. They were telling us how some “katiguwangan”/old people believe in countering the earth’s wrath by uttering “bua/bwa/bwah!” which made for an interesting topic over breakfast. And of course, the very cute Sprite bottle that I have only seen in Bohol.

The truck finally arrived, by truck it means an open truck with railings on the sides, no seats. The group bound for Loon have yet to arrange for transport to take them to Tubigon and then to Loon. And since we were to hit Tubigon first to check for boat schedules later in the afternoon to take us back to Cebu, we decided to have their goods transported with us to Tubigon. I mentioned no seat, right? So we have to make do and be creative in the seating or should I say standing arrangements. The goods took up more than 50% (I think) of the space. So, I was perched on the top of the sacks together with 3 more persons, facing our standing co-passengers and relying on them to tell us if we need to duck or cover from branches and leaves.

The ride was relatively smooth, we’ve seen cracks on the roads, on houses, buildings, big and small. I did a pretty darn good spine twist to the left so that I’ll be able to see forwards. Most of the people have a make-do tent outside their houses for fear of another strong aftershock.  About the time I can feel the sun burning my feet, we arrived in Tubigon. We were able to list our names which serves as booking reservations for the 5pm trip. And no, they are not issuing tickets yet until later in the day.

So, we parted ways with the second group and then we are bound to Catigbian finally. The ride was a roller-coaster ride. Some roads were paved and smooth, some parts, rough with dust flying the moment our tires hit it. Uphill, the views are scenic marred occasionally by the ruins of earthquake. You have to make sure you are standing firmly, with both feet firmly planted, angled for maximum stability and balance during quick unplanned stops with one arm extended and grasping the side truck railings.  The fun part started when Tiffany started giving out “goody’ bags for kids we see on the road. The first time she tried throwing, she nearly hit the girl on the neck. From then on, we started egging her to be more accurate which is funny because she became more ‘off’ the targets. I am happy to say, no actual child was hurt physically. A bit stunned and confused perhaps, yes.  And then during one stop we met another truck full of boxes with the passengers, telling us, “it’s raining!”. Huh? After a few meters we were pelted with rain!  One umbrella for two persons, I really thought we are sure going to be soaked. Thankfully, it was a quick shower.

After the twists, turns, sharp bends, uphill and downhill, we’ve arrived. We have to go down a small hill to the house of our lunch host. We have to be quick about our business. Then the actual distribution began. We made 4 stops in all. Thankfully, the recipients were very orderly. On our 2nd stop, I was able to ask some of the small kids (2-6 yo) what their experience was like and if they are still scared of the aftershocks, one brave boy named Lokoy said he didn’t cry when the earthquake was happening and that they went outside immediately. A girl named Sharmane shyly told me, she cried and she is still afraid and that they also went immediately outside.

Some locals are very forthright in telling and sharing their stories but what was truly amazing for me was the snippets of the mundane things I saw. The farmers who were busy working on their rice fields, the father who was frying fish, fresh catch for breakfast. The little boy trying on his bike on a soft rolling hill, the kids playing and the very “bulingit” carabao under the shade of a big mango tree. The mother sweeping the yard, and the kids singing a pop song. This for me was a testimony that life goes on and that they have chosen to move on and make do with what they have and what is given to them. And what moved me to tears although I have to push it back in, was the random “THANK YOUs” we get. I mean those while we are on the road. Of course those people we have extended help were indeed very thankful and very warm in their “thank you’s”, but what got to me most especially, was the random “THANK YOU’s” from people we passed by on the road! They didn’t received anything from us personally but they said “Salamat!”. It means they are thanking us in behalf of their fellow Boholanos. What a sense of community and of faith. I just hope that no more politicking, I hope that help will be distributed and reached to those far-flung barrios. I hope that a lot will be touched and be instruments for the good rather than the bad. Bangon Bohol!



There were random people asking for a cut on the goods, although there were only a few of them, most were just happy that there are people who are helping from other places. So, if you have access to those who have their own big relief drives or those small groups willing to get down and dirty to deliver help to those who need them the most, please do help. We can never go wrong with UNLIMITED HELP. And also, base on our experience, since we brought some over the counter medicines for the kids with us (for fever, cough and colds), most of the adults were asking for medicines for cough also which we didn’t have. The handful efficascent oil we brought was a hit.  So, it’s a safe bet to bring this if ever you’ll be there to help. We saw an IPI sponsored mobile water treatment facility on the road, I hope they get to sponsor and give some of their products too.  Bangon Bohol!




Okay, this morning we were hit with a 7.2 magnitude earthquake and this is the only excuse I can exonerate myself with all this very thought-provoking, world-changing topic of deciphering the meaning of LIKE in Facebook. You know the iconic, usually blue and white thumbs up button in Facebook? Ah huh! That LIKE!

As usual FB is like the new “newsroom”.


With feeds that updates in milli-microseconds (of course depending on your internet access speed of course), it’s like watching a mini or an indie movie reading posts. Drama, comedy, horror, rom-com, romance, adventure, you name it, you’ll read it!

Then, a friend posted about feeling confused about people liking friends’ statuses of aftershocks still happening and she suggested, why not post prayers, suggestions on keeping safe and or nice thoughts.

Like is like, she said, it’s easy enough to understand the meaning. Comment. if you need to comment and share if you like to share, and promote if you need to promote an important post.

This is what prompted me to write this blog post to be able to explore and share my take on this thing which, by the way I am thankful because it’s been ages that I’ve been here. And it’s been my mom/dad gig, yoga and driving that’s been taking a lot of my time lately.  In no particular order. Whew!

So I am here, pounding the keyboards at home still feeling the aftershocks by the way. Trying to sort out my thoughts about this really relevant, world-changing topic – LIKE on Facebook.  Oh yeah, I wrote this already on the first paragraph.

Like is like.

It really is pretty straightforward.

It is easier to see the word “like” being used as like, when the post is positive or something good, good news or accomplishments, dreams come true etc. For me, it simply means you are happy for the person posting it. Or at least that’s the general idea, my general idea.

But the thing is, not all POSTS in FB are positive and or straightforward. Or simple.

There are posts that are both positive and negative in tone. Posts that are humorous and at the same time tragic. There are posts of both hopes and despairs all in one breath or should I be more specific in one sentence.  Posts that are selfish and selfless and there are posts that are inspiring and posts that are so depressing, that when reading it you feel sucked into a wormhole of gloom and doom. And there are posts of gruesome pictures of mutilated bodies and or rape victims or injuries in some calamities or tragedy.

This is when the bit of LIKING gets so confusing for me too. Because, there are people liking these posts. The business of LIKING now becomes tricky. You may be liking only a part of the post or statement, and since you don’t have an option to only like certain parts, then you opted to just comment. Or if you are like me, I liked it because what for me was the shining main idea of the one posting was the glimmer of hope because people still can see something to smile about amidst the face of buildings collapsing, then I clicked LIKED.

You may be liking the update because it keeps you updated also, or that you are liking because you are having the same feeling or experience, or simply liking the post because you want it to appear at your wall or timeline? I don’t know. But is there a rule created by FB? I think not. So I’m guessing, they are letting us have our own say on our own account.

How many FB users are there? Probably millions. And I’ve come to realize that it’s naïve to think I’ll be able to understand everyone’s posts, likes, comments and their reasons to share certain posts that maybe gruesome to me but my friend thought, would be good information to share. And that I don’t also need to explain every single post I’m posting. And it’s also just setting yourself up for frustration, expecting every single one of those millions of users to have the same understanding of every single posts every single time.

My point?

Well, FB is a “personal” sort of page, so I am thinking since it is their own accounts and not my account they are using, I believe they have the right to doing anything or liking anything that is within the limits of the user rights and responsibilities.  I don’t need to understand every single post they posts, unless I choose to. The beauty of freedom of expression and of simplifying. And yes, that also means, they can rant all they want or bitch on someone, not that it’s classy, but if that’s how they roll, I am not going to judge. I will never be able to understand everyone, heck, I don’t even understand myself sometimes, I’ve learned early on to not be so overly bothered by certain posts or certain people. What I do however, since I am after all an adult human being with all my faculties in tact, I filter my news feeds. I only show what I want shown in case I miss someone, I just search their names and get to reading their updates.

And oh, I also do yoga!

So, how do you like liking in FB so far? 🙂



Christmas Launching 2012

Welcome to another edition of our company’s Christmas Launching activities! 🙂 The PETC office was magically transformed last Monday, Dec. 3.


A quick back story first. I have 9 years going on 10 with my company, as I’ve mentioned there are activities and programs that our company supports/have/celebrates that has fast become a tradition that promotes team work and enthusiasm to the otherwise mundane workload and work environment. And of course the highly if not most, anticipated event is the annual Christmas Party(aside from the annual merit of course. ;)). With the Christmas season, it has been a tradition to include a contest for all departments to take part in. Last year we had the live Christmas Character contest. We’ve already had the Snowman contest, the Christmas Card, Santa Claus and Christmas tree contests among other things. We termed it “Christmas Launching activities”, this usually happens a week before our company Christmas party. This is the time when we showcase the “finished products” along the center aisle. It truly is an exciting event.

This year, the program committee opted for a “Christmas Around the World” theme. A combination of display and live presentation showcasing how each country celebrates Christmas or not. And this year, we joined the Engineering Day (a new bonding event started last year) with the Christmas Launching. Cost effective? Yes! Yes! Yes! 🙂

This time of the year, regardless of the workload, there is a certain cheer, there is always something to look forward too. The anticipation how other departments come up with the “goods” so to speak is in itself already an exhilarating experience, at least for me.

So, I really thought nothing can beat  last year’s Christmas Launching. It was my favorite among all Christmas launching events. I was wrong. This year, another bar is set!

The program opened with a doxology, this time the Lead Me Lord is a better rendition for it was sung live by an officemate.

Ceremonial lighting of the Christmas tree, lit by the employee with the badge number 00042. The significance you ask? The newest employee has a badge number of 15511. So yes. This woman we fondly called “Mama” (stress on the second “ma”), is pretty significant, in the grand scheme of things. 😉 (My badge number is 9531, I was hired February 2003)


Loyalty and dedication.

A 2-3 minute video teaser/sneak peek on what each country will be presenting were shown. I had the most “laugh out loud” moments with the Testing and Laboratory department skit. They were assigned FRANCE and they were going to celebrate their department Christmas party in Paris. The funniest bit was when they shared the same flight with Tom Cruise! And of course, we pointed out that they were wearing their company uniforms on their way to France! 🙂 The video from the Admin department is also a favorite. They started speaking gibberish Swedish with Cebuano subtitles and abruptly switch to Cebuano. 🙂 Theirs was the most coherent in narrative and the cinematography’s superior considering we are not film makers but automotive Engineers. 🙂 The ABBA song medley did not hurt the presentation either. Catchy, memorable. 🙂 Although it was not part of the criteria for judging, the department who put a lot of thought to their “output” is very evident.  

The 9 departments were assigned the following countries:

1. Admin – SWEDEN

2. Testing and Laboratory – FRANCE

3. Wiring Services and Testing – SPAIN

4. Wiring Engineering Support – MEXICO

5. Cebu Electronics – PHILIPPINES

6. Interior Systems – GERMANY

7. International Material Data System – JAPAN

8. Seating Systems – USA

9. Electrical Component and Support /Electrical Design Support – AUSTRALIA

Passports ready?

Let’s go! 🙂

Disclaimer : The displays and the live presentation were based on each department’s interpretation and concept. It may or not may be, a hundred percent correct.


First stop, SWEDEN.

The Admin display:




The live presentation : They enthusiastically sung a song with choreography then they gathered around the table with Swedish food. They hugged, exchanged gifts and ended with cheer. Raul (our company Director) was the loudest who cheered! Hahaha!


Second stop, the City of Lights and Love, Paris, FRANCE.

The Testing and Laboratory display :



The live presentation : Lovers under the Eiffel Tower. Friends partying. Countdown to midnight. Wine. Lots of wine, dancing and hugs all around.


Still in Europe, our third stop, SPAIN!

The Wiring Services and Testing display :



The live presentation : Dora, the explorer and the crew. They sung Feliz Navidad and then the “We Did It Song”. They sure had fun “exploring”! 🙂


This next stop is a special stop! My country for the day, MEXICO!

The Wiring Engineering Support display : El Nacimiento



The live presentation : We reenacted the Las Posadas, a nightly procession(for nine days) commemorating the journey of Mary and Joseph on their search for lodging. In our short presentation, Mary and Joseph were accompanied by some pilgrims carrying candles and chanting songs. They travelled from inn to inn and each time they were refused by the innkeepers. Until they reached  the nativity scene we have set up. Here the pilgrims are welcomed. After a traditional prayer, the party begins. The children were each given a chance at breaking the piñata filled with candies.


Next stop, the PHILIPPINES!

The  Cebu Electronics display:






2012-12-05 18.03.10



The live presentation : The managers brought with them a “parol” or a star lantern. Their area was lit with small parols. On the foot of their Christmas tree, there were 4 miniature scenes, a church with the Simbang Gabi goers, a typical Noche Buena feast, the iconic Jeepney with a street vendor selling “parols” and the caroling scene.  They danced to some popular Filipino christmas songs. It was pretty grand, the dancers occupied almost all of the center aisle. Aside from our presentation, this is my personal favorite.


Back to Europe, GERMANY!

The Interior Systems display:



The live presentation : I wasn’t able to see the actual presentation but I heard the Silent Night song being played. There was a Santa Claus with 2 “nutcracker” guards and beer. 😉



On to Asia, JAPAN!

The IMDS display :



The live presentation : They have someone explained that the Christmas traditions in Japan is not rooted to any Christian tradition. They explained that Christmas in Japan, is a time to spread happiness and romance. During the narration, there were people who acted out each tradition. They showcased the christmas cake, fried chicken and daiku (the 9th symphony of Beethoven). The presentation of the Japanese’ Christmas tradition was clear, smooth and concise.


Now we’re off to the USA!

The Seating Systems display :



The live presentation : Four very “made-up” boys danced into the tune of the Jingle Bell rock song! 🙂 They were very pretty! Can’t get hold of a picture of them though.


Our last stop, AUSTRALIA!

The ECS/EDS display :



The live presentation : A group/mob/court of cute kangaroos were lost and can’t find their way home. Then Santa Claus came and lead them home. 🙂 Cute. Beach bums in their makeshift Bondi beach. 🙂


The winners?

1st place – IMDS department (Japan)

2nd place – ADMIN (Sweden)

3rd place – WES (Mexico)

The criteria was,

Display – 40%

Live Presentation – 30%

Creativity – 30%

But the fun did not end there. It is just starting!

Last year we had our first Engineering Day event. A cross between Foundation Days in college and a picnic in the park. This year, we fused it with the Christmas launching. See, we really know how to save. 😉

There were 4 events, 4 teams.

Car Making Contest, Speed Eating Contest, Amazing Race and the search for PETC Christmas Babe 2012.

Team Snowman composed of all Electronics departments : (HW/SWD/SWV/ELM/PQ/PM)

Team Angels composed of all Seats department : (ISD/SSD)

Team Reindeer composed of Admin/IMDS/Laboratory

Team Santa composed of  all Wiring departments : (WES/WST/EDS/ECS)

The second part of the program started off with the Christmas Babes walking down the center aisle.






The Christmas Babes will also be the ones to explain their respective team’s car design. They will be judged not just by beauty and charm but by wit and eloquence also. 🙂

The winners,

Amazing Race : Team Angels

Speed Eating : Team Angels

Car Making :  3 categories

Longest Distance Travelled : Team Santa

Best Christmas Inspired Design : not sure but I guess it was Team Angels also?

Best Car : Team Angels

PETC Christmas Babe 2012 : Team Santa! Wohooo!! 🙂

At the back. Picnic area.




Some of my kids. 🙂 And another guest at the back!


Some WES friends enjoying the barbeque and the funfilled afternoon.


2012-12-03 16.36.13

Ready to explain:


Cheering for our Santa Babe!


PETC Gangnam Style :



 With my Manager, Lorna (middle) and Ate Abeth (left). Literally behind the scene, our nativity scene. 🙂



It was another happy memory to be stored and cherished!

Now I have to go rush and find the perfect shoes to go with my Christmas party outfit tonight. Stay tuned! We are going to have another dance contest like last year!

Thank you to William Atienza, Marcu Deniega, Yaung Tomada and Jeramae Manisan for the pictures!


Insomnia. Thank you! For you’ve given me another reason to write again. I have at times tried to compose another post but I keep pushing it off to later. I have alot of self-imposed restrictions on doing/posting a new blog entry, one is, to read all my bloggy friends posts, all posts! and two, to comment and three, to reply to each and every comment made on my site. 🙂

So of course, it is a doable thing but being a working mom? It’s a difficult thing to manage. So, thank you, insomnia, for giving me clarity and resolution. I will not force it but I will take time and make time when I can.

During this period of “blog slump”, I realized that I miss my cyber friends from all over the world. Thank God for RSS feeds I still get to read some of their posts but I really wanted to give time to each of them and to each of their posts. Savor and soak on their thoughts and experiences, the funny and the profound, the hilarious, the touching and most importantly the real, the genuine, the honest, authentic and unique reflections that they have, that they are.

On my end friends, life caught up with me. 


This morning I read a text message from a very good friend,



I let Michael read the text and after he read it, we just paused not saying anything. We were both lost in our own thoughts, mine went immediately to how my friend is feeling that very moment and to the moment she knew. I wanted to give her my tightest hug. I asked God why it has to be a close friend of mine. But then I quickly said a heartfelt prayer to the Almighty, thinking a second may be a bit too late to get into God’s busy hotline. I can never be sure so I thought I better not wait for a second more.

I went through with our morning routine in a daze, I also thought, “How unfair! Why Lord?”. If I have my way, I wanted everyone to stop doing what they are doing and ask for a minute or  even 30 seconds of their time to send a prayer for the healing of my friend. If only I have the power to do that, I definitely will.

Jay is one of the smartest woman I know, she’s one of the bravest also. I’ve known her when I joined Lear last 2003. We became closer when I married Michael 2006, not only were we office mates but we are also neighbors! They were our veil sponsors too at our wedding. We got hooked on badminton at the same time, we made sure to get up real early on Saturday mornings to get the best courts and play until we are soaking wet from sweat. We made a few out-of-town trips together too.

But what really made her dear to me is her love for reading and books! She has a whole lot of books! Who wouldn’t love and respect a woman who makes sure all her books are covered and labeled complete with the date she bought the books! We bonded over her books because she loves to buy them while I love borrowing them! 🙂

Jay is also the consummate traveller! She has been all over the world. I can only wait for her pictures and her travel tales. I remembered distinctly how she virtually brought me with her to Glasgow, Scotland and how Edinburgh is ED-in-burr-ə; as opposed to my Edinburg pronunciation, in one of her travelogue, with me hanging on to her every word not wanting to miss a thing. I probably have my mouth open and eyes glassy imagining and trying to recapture her experiences in my imagination. She actually had been to most of the places we only read in books! So it jarred me, it shook Michael and me, that the very vibrant woman we know is struck with this big ugly C.

All day today, she never strayed from my thoughts. Every moment that I thought about her I say a prayer. We visited her this evening and she is doing okay. Jay’s aura is positive and strangely enough, very peaceful and calm. They say, adversity does not build character it reveals it, so true. It revealed the Jay I’ve known all along, brave, strong and graceful, under pressure. 

To all her friends she wanted to tell you that she’s doing fine. She needs to be strong and prepare for the real battle to commence when she’ll undergo chemotherapy in the next few weeks. She loves pears and carrots for now, vegetables and fresh fruits are her diet. She’ll need all your prayers though. Fight! Fight! Fight Jayo!

And to Mommy Des and Langga, I salute you! You have got to be stronger than ever. For driving services or any other help, do not hesitate to text or call us. Michael and Ava at your service! 🙂



Prayer Warriors

P.S. This is not my first brush with cancer. My mom was diagnosed with breast cancer first quarter of 2009. She has had masectomy one breast and after the surgery she didn’t have to undergo chemotherapy. She’s cancer free, for now. We really don’t know when life’s going to throw us curveballs, what we can do is just hit it right back with all our might and hope for a home run.

Iced Tea Fiesta

Around noon today, the office was abuzz with people taking out their kept “used-and-some-clean” paper cups from the two coffee vending machines inside the office! I, on the other hand, am not a coffee drinker, contentedly surveyed the proceedings and just soaked on the very tangible excited energy in the building. 🙂

Nestle Philippines, are exchanging 2 packs of 2-liter iced tea for each paper cup. The catch is, the packs will expire next month. Nevertheless, the commotion was a nice interruption to the otherwise usual middle of the week office tedium.

But what I could not quite wrap my mind around is, the fact that eventhough there was no prior notice of a promotion of this kind, there were a lot of my officemates who kept their paper cups! There was one friend who have 93 cups, double it, she have 186 packs of iced tea, and there was one with 181 cups which translates to 362 packs of iced tea! Wow!

It tickled my mind why in blue blazes do they keep their used coffee cups?  Because for me, if you don’t need it or it has been sitting around for awhile neglected, depending on the object, I either throw it or give it away.

So I asked around.Their answers were :

  • I’m a self-confessed hoarder Maam! 🙂
  • I’m keeping it for recycling especially during December when we have our annual Christmas contest (christmas card, christmas tree, santa claus making contest, etc.).
  • I’m keeping it because I use it as makeshift mini trashcan.
  • I like keeping them.

    Okay, so at least I have my answers now and an iced-tea supply that will last at least the whole month, thanks to the generous officemates who shared their loot! And thanks Nestle for visiting!


Volley Love

If you’ve been here before, you would know that I have close to a decade with the company I worked for. If this is your first time, feel free to check me out quickly here.

To be exact, I have been with the company for 9 years, 4 months, 2 days, and it is only here and this year,  that I discovered my love for volleyball.

This discovery was serendipitous. 🙂

But what’s more mind-boggling and mind-blowing at least for me is, if I didn’t get to be 31, 32 this August, and two kids after;  I wouldn’t be dabbling on the athletics! A wee bit late, don’t you think? But I’m just glad to have discovered this new love. This is also the reason why I’ve missed a lot of fab Monday Listicles prompt.

It started very early this year when my section discussed some ideas on the best exercise to do this year. (Yes, we take team work to another level!) And also because a lot of hypertensive people are becoming younger and younger, which is very alarming, thus the healthy lifestyle consciousness.

Anne, suggested jogging/running. I did try this on the first 3 weeks of the month January but when my OB/GYNE on our yearly pap smear exam told me to minimize on activities like running since it will aggravate my already too low-lying uterus, out flew my dream of becoming a hardcore runner like my bloggy friends Bridget and Kim or the girl from down under Grace who runs in the annual City2Surf, Sydney’s favourite sporting event.  These women rocks!

So, back to my meteoric journey to discovering my love for volleyball, Candice, enthusiastic, energetic mommy Candice, suggested to have our own section tournament. Since we are more than 20, we divided the group into two, via draw lots. We decided on two games, volleyball and basketball. It was during these games that I realized how I love (and even loving it more every single time I get to be inside the court), playing volleyball!

A lot of our department associates expressed their interest to join (there are I think 118 of us in the department as of today), so it became, Manager’s Cup. On a side note, it is most unfortunate, that our section, the startup committee did not make it to the finals. Tsk..Tsk.

Then comes the annual Director’s Cup, which opened last month. This is such a very welcome event, considering the  merit increase we’ve been waiting and counting for went down the drain this year. And I am very happy to learn that I am one of those personally picked by our dearest team captain Tiffany, who if you remember was Mrs. Santa Claus last December to be one of our department players.

Follow so far? First, section tournament, then department, then the company tournament.

So then, there is the annual HRA games, HRA stands for Human Resources Association. This is an inter-company competition. So there I was the ambitious newbie roped in by Tiffany to try out. And since the try-out turn-out wasn’t such a success because only a handful came out and actually tried out, I was picked. That, and the fact that I am good friends with Tiffany the team-captain and Tirso, the team coach. 🙂 But nevertheless, I sincerely think I deserved the spot since I tried out fair and square. I may not have stellar skills and techniques and experience, but my enthusiasm and commitment to attend every damn practices is burning strong. But seriously though, I think if we really make a career out of these HRA games, a year-round program is a good idea to make a championship team and to make sure to encourage and convince those with prior experience to wear proudly our company colors. But, this is another topic.

So there, I am now a certified volleyball enthusiast! 🙂 But more than this, I love the fact that I get to meet and be friends with cool gals and guys from the other departments which I wouldn’t have the opportunity if I didn’t discover my affinity with the volleyball court at the back of our office! And to top it off, I get the exercise and the workout I need. Oh yeah, this and Zumba!