A Cute Bird!

So, it is another one of those parenting moments,

Ayana Rhys : Ma, Teacher said I should study! Ate, can you bring my bag to our room please!!

Me : Yan, it’s already bedtime! Let’s study tomorrow!

Of course, she did not listen to me. She was flipping through her Science book, and have arrived to Animals and Their Youngs section,

Ayana Rhys : A dog and a puppy. A cat and a kitten… *pauses*

The third picture’s a bit hard, a picture of a bird and it’s young…

Ayana Rhys : Uhm…….(takes a deep breath and said) This is a very cute bird!!

Me : Yes, yes! It is! Now let’s go to sleep?! Please!??


Happy Birthday To Me!

Hello! I’m still alive! 🙂

Quick updates!

Dear Husband was sent to Japan to support a new project.

And I am left with the two kids. It gets crazy.


Mikaela turned 6 last month.

She’s now in Grade 1.

School started last June.

Ayana Rhys is in Kindergarten.

She’s thriving, I’m pretty sure she is.

Because every time I call and check on her on the phone after her two-hour class, the first and the only thing she’ll report to me is, “Ma, I’ve finished school Ma!” or “Ma, I’m done with school Ma!”

But what I really want to share for now is the “late” 33rd birthday card I got from my already leggings-obsessed weaned 6-year old.

Here it is:

Happy 33rd Birthday To Us! :)

Happy 33rd Birthday To Us! 🙂


From Mikaela

Happy Birthday MaMa and tita

From You MaMa and tita

Love You am Happy

I Love my tita and MaMa

I Love my friends beacaus

I want my friends MaMa

You can answar This one spelling

1. 10

2. 11

3. 34

4. 66

5. 78

6. 88

7. 99

8. 100

9. 13

10. 33

I didn’t know birthday cards can double as a surprise quiz!  🙂

She called my attention out when she checked the following night if I answered it.

I quickly got into answering it because she was waiting for the paper to check!

It sure is one memorable unique birthday card!


I’ve been missing on my Monday Listicles post. But most specially, I missed my dear friend Stasha.

So after a long while, I’m getting on the wagon again. 🙂

This week’s topic is submitted by Jessica 10 PHOTOS FROM OUR PHONE or 10 NAMES YOU CONSIDERED FOR YOUR KIDS.

I chose 10 photos. Easy peasy.

1.  Proud Dads.

2.  My favorite waterform aside from the beach.

3.  Road trip. We passed by this scenic coastal town and what a refreshing view.

4.  Me. Trying on my red lipstick, very seldom used.

5.  These poor crabs are going to be cooked, soon. Samu’s going to hate me Nami.

6.  Totemo oishii desu! Love!

7.  Little helpers. Or. Not.

8.  Good. Very good Papa.

9.  Coconuts and the yummy coconut milk.

10.  The part-time cat and or sometimes dog, loves reading about animals (Dinosaurs, Insect World and Wild Animals)! Figures! And yes, she’s got a new “do” too! 😉

Cars (Not The Movie)

Early this month Petron launched it’s toy-car promo. With every 1,000Php single or accumulated receipt of Petron products (Blaze 100, XCS, Xtra Unleaded, Turbo Diesel and Diesel Max), you are already eligible to buy the 5 Porsche toy cars for only 180Php. The Carrera, the Cayman, the Panamera, the Cayenne and the GT3 RSR.



Admittedly, we are Shell patrons but decide to switch to Petron for the meantime to avail of the promo, though we are not collectors, the models are just too nice to pass up on.


So last night, Mikaela saw the GT3 RSR model (which by the way is scheduled on a Dec. 1 début but on some stations it is already available), begged her Pa to let her play with it, Pa relented. The grand master plan was to collect the 5 toy cars first before letting them see/play with them. So much for plans.

Michael already anticipating the “mayhem” that will ensue in a “one toy, two competitive child scenario”, got the Cayenne model he was  hiding inside his closet. Commence the race.

After five or so runs, Mikaela with her Cayenne blew off her Pa’s(in-behalf of Yana) GT3 every time. Which is suspicious, so her Pa took the two cars and revved up/pulled back the two cars together, and the Cayenne without the extra push Mikaela is giving, won fair and square. It probably has to do with the batteries too.

 Do you have the 5 models already? Which of your 5 ran faster? 🙂

Ready. Get Set.




Winner fist pump!


Girls Love Cars Too!

The first photo taken from the Petron Corporation’s Facebook page.


Giving Birth

Another link up party! Check out these cool moms, Bridget of Twinisms, Tricia of Critters and Crayons and Chrissy of Outlaw Mom are hosting a Mothers Day Blog Hop Party.

Mothers Day Blog Hop

Here are my stories:


Two days earlier (July 27, 2007) the moment we have been waiting for commenced. At the wee hours of the morning I noticed pink discharges when I peed. Not long after that, I experienced mild dysmenorrhea like cramps. Very tolerable. The day came and went with not much action.  The contractions are regular yet tolerable. The next day, July 28, we did our routine hike/walk around the subdivision, for the most part I have to stop and lean on dear husband when the contractions would hit. Pain? Still tolerable but getting stronger and closer. Night came and after dinner we still walked around the subdivision again. By 9pm, I started to really feel real uncomfortable. After the hike, Michael worked on the new Ford program schematics, working overtime and waiting for the big “birth” day! I went to bed ahead of him and prayed and said the novena to St. Raymund Nonato, and prayed again.  But I just kept on going downstairs and walk around because the pain would not permit me to blissful sleep.

July 29, 2007

            Midnight came, I really tried hard to sleep but I just can’t! The contractions are uniformly and regularly 6 minutes apart and definitely stronger! It lasts from 45 seconds to 90 seconds. It is painful. I counted the minutes and waited for morning to come. Michael came to bed around 2am and I wanted him to get some sleep before going to the hospital. So I waited patiently and just kept quiet and endured, for what seemed to be the longest 3 hours of my life.

            6 am, I texted Danna (my younger sister), to have the snake’s oil, yes, this is a culture thing, it is believed that rubbing it on your tummy will help ease a quick and easy delivery, and if you ask me if snakes produce oil, I don’t really know. Unfortunately, she has a school activity, so dear husband proceeded to text Joseph and Lot-Lot Estremera (dear friends/officemates/neighbors) if they have some. Joseph brought it to our house and they advised us to be at the hospital already.

            7 am, I already decided to go to the hospital. The contractions are getting shorter apart. This time, the pain is enough to render me speechless.  I haven’t slept a wink and I was so annoyed with Michael when he asked me if I still want to walk around the subdivision! Hello! I haven’t slept and that alone would make any person cranky, try adding extreme pain to it. I just prayed and thought that this pain is helping me see and hold my baby soon.

            10 am, I was at the labor room already. After the preparatory clean-up, I am strapped to the bed with the fetal and the contraction monitors.  I was thankful because I had a respite.  The contractions though stronger and more painful came irregularly.  The resident OB-GYNE said I am 6 cm dilated.  While waiting for my OB, I was able to relax and sleep a while.

Dr. Chuchi arrived around 11:30 am and when she checked, I am 7 cm dilated and she decided it was time to rupture my bag of water artificially.  I felt a warm gush of water and my OB said the contractions will then come closer and stronger and advised me, If ever I felt the urge to evacuate my bowels, I need to tell them because that would be the time to push the baby.

            11:45 to 12:30, I still haven’t felt the need to push but I am in extreme pain when contractions hit. Doc Chuchi kept checking and kneading (which I don’t really like) my tummy.  The contractions have stalled a bit.

            12:30 to 1 pm, I am in extreme, excruciating, piercing awful dysmenorrhea like pain!  For a moment there, I thought of caesarean section.  I went hot and cold, Doc Chuchi checked and I have dilated to 9 cm and then and there I was wheeled to the delivery room.  The staff was very efficient and I am relieved that finally the end of all this pain is coming.  It is time to push.

            1 pm, I started pushing.  The staff cheered me on.  Then after a moment they left me and came back a little later.  I really liked it when there were so many people urging  me to push and cheering me and coaching me.  When they saw the baby crown, they were very quick in draping me with sterile cloth.  And at exactly 1:24 pm, probably after 7 or so pushes and with a lot of help from the staff, I heard my baby cry.  The happiest sound I have heard in my entire life. I was smiling because the cry was so strong. The nurse showed my baby to me and the very distinct feature is her nose. It was quite long, exactly the as I have imagined it to be during the ultrasound.  I did not feel tired, I felt energized!  I am so awake while my OB was sewing me up. I know. Gross.  We were talking the whole time.   At the recovery room, I could not wait to be at my private room so that I could talk about the whole amazing experience  I’ve had.

            Our baby was 5 lbs and 13 oz and at 48 cm long.


Ayana Rhys

With Mikaela, it was a pretty breezy experience. There were a lot of nurses who helped and cheered and there was even one guy who climbed up the stirrup and did the fundal push. I wasn’t really sure if my pushing was very effective because I wasn’t even aware the moment Mikaela came out. With Ayana Rhys, suffice it to say, I won’t be giving birth anytime soon.

At 7 weeks, my OB-GYNE have to make sure if I’m carrying a singleton and ordered for a TVS (like the first time too!). Yep! So far only single pregnancies.

Born on October 17, 2009 at exactly 4:11pm, at 6 lbs and 6 oz and at 50 cm. She’s big. For me. I’m small at only 4 feet and 11 inches, pre-pregnancy weight of 86 lbs.

The labor stages were basically the same the first time, it started at dawn, only this time, it wasn’t two days earlier. I waited for the intense pain before going to the same hospital 1-2 mins away from us (without traffic). At 2pm I was admitted. My problem was, my OB went to the US for vacation the day before, I have no choice but to make do with whoever is on duty. The big difference is the personalized assistance. With Mikaela, my OB, which incidentally is the mom of one of my good friends from college, was there with me every step of the way. Again they have to pricked my bag of water. This time, when I was wheeled in to the delivery room at quarter to 4pm, no cheering squad, only the OB and one nurse. I was advised to push when I feel the urge. I focused on my mantra, “this too shall pass”. This time I felt the head crowning, I felt Ayana made her entry to the world. Every. Micro-second. Bit of it. In case I wasn’t clear enough, this experience I would not like to repeat soon or ever (?).

As for the snake’s oil I couldn’t exactly remember if I did it this time, but knowing my adamant husband, I think we did, rub some on my tummy before admission. Some medical practitioners frown upon it but some just let it go.

Normal births pain-reliever free twice. Check.

Ayana Rhys

What were your birth stories?

Link up or just share about it on the comments!

10 Reasons Being A Kid Rocks

Hello Monday!

Stasha the List Master thought of this week’s topic, ten reasons why being a child is great.

From my two beautiful girls, here’s why:

1. You can go skinny dipping anytime. Anywhere.

Skinny dipping.

2. Or go topless.

Topless @ Bohol Tropics.

3. Eating messy is cute. The messier the cuter you get.

Messy Ayana Rhys.

4. Sticking your tongue out is cute. You are not called childish. (ha!)

Doing it before.

Doing it still.

5. Meeting someone new is never complicated. It is easy.


6. Telling someone you don’t like him/her is not hard either.

No. Thank you.

7. You can wear leggings anytime, anywhere, everywhere and get away with it.

Leggings at home.


Leggings at the mall.

Check out the girl with the white/pink stripes leggings, yep! That's my Mikaela.

Leggings-less at a McDonald's kiddie party?


8. Because finding a cute crab is just about THE only hardest thing to do.

With their Pa. One early morning, trying their best to find the cutest crab there is!

9. And finally finding one, is the best-est feeling ever!

Finally found one!

10. Everything is new! Anything is possible! It is a magical place. To be a kid.

10 Things Women

This week’s topic was suggested by the List Master Stasha at The Good Life.  List 10 things women to commemorate the International Women’s Day last March 8.


Bridget at Twinisms, have come up with a super cool idea, 10 Awesome Quotes By Women.

Ado at The Momalog, made our heads churn with trying to identify the 10 women in history whom she admire. I was only able to correctly identify Julia Butterfly Hill (thanks to Ado’s previous post), Princess Di and Audrey Hepburn.

Kim at The G Is Silent, have come with a very insightful, honest and yes hilarious list, Ten Things Women.

So pressure, pressure. 🙂

Then finally I decided on this.

Friends, meet and greet the 10 Beautiful Women in My Life:

1. Sharon Georgette. Bestfriend. The witty-comeback queen. Walking encyclopedia. Sky high IQ. Staunch supporter. From her I learned that the bonds made by the heart is the most enduring kind.

With Sha0i at What Love Is Concert.

2. Dionedylle Melody. Bestfriend. Officemate. The girl with the sweetest smile I know. From her I learned to have grace and beauty under pressure.

With Meloi. At the company beach party.

3. Stella Marie. Sister. My sister not by blood but by bond. Bubbly. Honest. She reminds me of myself at times and I nurture and value the special big sister/small sister relationship we have and more. From her I learned to be more bubbly and open.

With Stella Marie at her wedding day. Me on the right. Her best girl.

4. Sis. Rose Ann, OSB. Spiritual adviser. Friend. From her I learned selfless service and real active alive faith.

With Ate Joy. On one of her house visits.

5. Nerissa. My Stepmom. She redefined the word accepting and compassion. She accepted us (my twin sister and I) with open arms and heart. From her I learned that love doesn’t put labels.

Mama Inday with the biggest heart.

6. Rosalinda. My Mother-In-Law. To her I am eternally grateful, for raising such a good and loving son. From her I learned temperance and tranquility.

With Nanay Linda at St. Michael's church Iligan City. With us is Michael III (dear husband is Michael I) and Ayana Rhys.

7. Epifania. My Auntie. Educator. Charity-cases magnet. She can’t help but extend her time, money, heart to those who are in need. From her I learned my love for reading and so much more.

Nanay Panyang and me. At Danna's (sister) Pinning ceremony.

8. Nanette Lyn. My Twin Sister. I will always have someone who will have my back no matter what.

Sisterhood. Nanette on the black/purple dress and Danna our little sister.

9. Teofania. My Mama. Fashionista. Fighter. She gave birth to us at 22, unwed. Her life’s adventures are tv series worthy. From her I learned to be strong and brave.

My loyal fan.

10. Presentacion. My Grandma. To her I owe my life. I miss you so much Lola. Thank you for all the love, the support, the care. I am what I am today because of you. My earliest memories were that associated with you. You, making sure I have a blanket on when it is cold. You, buying me a gift when I placed first honor in class, you, bringing us to summer vacations at the place you grew up in. Those were just some of the best memories I have of you and thinking about it now makes me cry. I missed you so so much. Wherever you are now, I hope you are happy. I love you.

Lola and Mikaela

How about you? Who are the 10 beautiful women in your life?