A Cute Bird!

So, it is another one of those parenting moments,

Ayana Rhys : Ma, Teacher said I should study! Ate, can you bring my bag to our room please!!

Me : Yan, it’s already bedtime! Let’s study tomorrow!

Of course, she did not listen to me. She was flipping through her Science book, and have arrived to Animals and Their Youngs section,

Ayana Rhys : A dog and a puppy. A cat and a kitten… *pauses*

The third picture’s a bit hard, a picture of a bird and it’s young…

Ayana Rhys : Uhm…….(takes a deep breath and said) This is a very cute bird!!

Me : Yes, yes! It is! Now let’s go to sleep?! Please!??



(Late post)

My 3-year-old is now attending Kindergarten.

Me : Yana, you will have a quiz tomorrow about shapes! Let’s review.

Ayana Rhys : *running about

Me : Okay, let’s start with this door knob, what shape is this?

Ayana Rhys : A! A square!

Me : Circle!

Me : How about this door? What shape is this?

Ayana Rhys : A… a circle!

Me :  No, this is a rectangle!

Me starting to be alarmed….

Me : How about this pillow? What shape is this

Ayana Rhys : A circle!

Note to self, “we’ve got a long way to go baby!”, a very long way to go!


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Happy Birthday To Me!

Hello! I’m still alive! 🙂

Quick updates!

Dear Husband was sent to Japan to support a new project.

And I am left with the two kids. It gets crazy.


Mikaela turned 6 last month.

She’s now in Grade 1.

School started last June.

Ayana Rhys is in Kindergarten.

She’s thriving, I’m pretty sure she is.

Because every time I call and check on her on the phone after her two-hour class, the first and the only thing she’ll report to me is, “Ma, I’ve finished school Ma!” or “Ma, I’m done with school Ma!”

But what I really want to share for now is the “late” 33rd birthday card I got from my already leggings-obsessed weaned 6-year old.

Here it is:

Happy 33rd Birthday To Us! :)

Happy 33rd Birthday To Us! 🙂


From Mikaela

Happy Birthday MaMa and tita

From You MaMa and tita

Love You am Happy

I Love my tita and MaMa

I Love my friends beacaus

I want my friends MaMa

You can answar This one spelling

1. 10

2. 11

3. 34

4. 66

5. 78

6. 88

7. 99

8. 100

9. 13

10. 33

I didn’t know birthday cards can double as a surprise quiz!  🙂

She called my attention out when she checked the following night if I answered it.

I quickly got into answering it because she was waiting for the paper to check!

It sure is one memorable unique birthday card!

Of Zombies and Brains

Benthel Asia School of Technology school girls.

School girls. One with the falling brains and the other, without the brains.


Mikaela inside the car, noticing the very unpaved, on-going road rehabilitation project.

Mikaela: Ma, I don’t like the road, it’s like my brain will fall out!

Ayana, of course not to be out done.

Ayana Rhys: Me? I don’t have a brain!

Mikaela: Ma, why do zombies like to eat brain?

Happy Tuesday!



It’s been a while.

For a minute there, I thought I wasn’t going to be able to successfully log into my wordpress account.

What an eventful 1st quarter!

I lost a good friend to cancer last March. Jay, I miss you. I’ll make sure to keep your memories alive by telling my two daughters about you, about how much you have inspired us with your strength and courage.


On the lighter side, let me share with you the surprise I got last Saturday.


Surprise make-over. We were really "surprised"!

Surprise make-over. We were really “surprised”!

Can you tell who the hairstylist is?


The one with the huge grin at the back.

Good thing hair grows back. I take solace in the fact that it was apparently a joint consented venture. The first and last thing our nanny heard was Mikaela saying to the very compliant Ayana, “throw it outside the window”. They were unanimous in throwing evidence away. As if they can get away with the now painfully obvious “result” of their creative-partnership crime.

My fervent hope now is that Ayana will not disown me when she hits puberty and finds out I posted it on my blog.



Bedtime Conversation

The Scene : Mikaela and her Ma busy besting each other with Temple Run 2 high score. Ayana Rhys and Pa bonding, cuddling.

Dear Husband : Who wants to sleep beside me tonight?

Ayana, the dog/cat : ME!!

DH : Who went to market (wet) with Papa last Saturday?

A : ME!!

DH : Did you see many fishes?

A : YES!

DH : Did you see the goat’s head?

A : YES!

And yes, this is how we roll. Rolling heads and all. Pardon the pun.

DH : Did you see the pig?

And by pig, Dear Husband meant the slaughtered pig, head definitely not attached to it’s body already.

A : YES!

DH : Did you see the chicken?

A : YES!

DH : What else did you see?

A : A turtle!

DH : Turtle? There’s a turtle in the market? You mean the turtles at Maigo? (DH’s hometown)

A : YES!

Mikaela chirping in : “Pa, I saw the turtle pissing!”

DH : You did?

M : Yes!

Ayana not to be outdone,

A : Pa, I saw the turtle pooping! And it farted too!


Laughing my head off!

Good night everyone! Hahahaha!

Laugh. Love. Live.

Bottle Battle

When the last 2 weeks of December 2012 rolled by, I made a really important household announcement. NO more bottles, feeding bottles in the house by January 1. I did the countdown.

By January 1, all feeding bottles were stowed.

The 3 year-old was surprisingly the least resistant. Well, with her track record, I shouldn’t be surprised. She was off the day time diapers at 1.5year old and potty trained by 2.

The 5 year-old however, took time to acclimatize.

Track record?

  • She was 4 years old when she eventually got off the night-time diapers but it was still a “hit-miss” mess.
  • She was 4 and a half when she is officially continent.

Two months into the new “rule”, Mikael is now eating “real food”. 

Real, as in rice and candies.

 Seriously, we bungled on the bottle weaning with our first born.

How was your bottle-to-glass transition like?