About Me

Blogging has been on my 2011 new year’s resolution, which is just about the only thing I’ve managed to work on at that year.

I am a licensed Electronics and Communications Engineer. I have worked for the same automotive company after passing the national professional board exam for 11 years now, but not as an Electronics Engineer or a Communications Engineer, but as a Product Engineer for wire harness. You may say I am loyal.  🙂

I met my first boyfriend and eventual husband at the same company. We now have 2 daughters, a stubborn 6 who’s just been over her obsession about anything leggings and a crafty-sweet 4-year-old who in her spare time likes to swipe, scratch, bite her equally competitive older sister.

This blog is mainly about them, about our life as parents, about living in Cebu, Philippines and all else in between.


3 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hey Bridget, thank you for the concern. Our German counterparts also were very concern. Thankfully, Cebu is spared. The most part affected are the Luzon province, we are located on the Vizayas which is the middle group of islands. We only have the occassional rain and the wind of course. Thanks again!

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