A Cute Bird!

So, it is another one of those parenting moments,

Ayana Rhys : Ma, Teacher said I should study! Ate, can you bring my bag to our room please!!

Me : Yan, it’s already bedtime! Let’s study tomorrow!

Of course, she did not listen to me. She was flipping through her Science book, and have arrived to Animals and Their Youngs section,

Ayana Rhys : A dog and a puppy. A cat and a kitten… *pauses*

The third picture’s a bit hard, a picture of a bird and it’s young…

Ayana Rhys : Uhm…….(takes a deep breath and said) This is a very cute bird!!

Me : Yes, yes! It is! Now let’s go to sleep?! Please!??


4 thoughts on “A Cute Bird!

  1. So you’re blogging again, Ava. 🙂 I realize the Philippines has experienced tragedy. Maybe one day you will share some thoughts. We had a river flood that displaced 100,000 residents in our city of 1.2 million. I was one of the evacuees. I did blog about it since I only live a few blocks away from the river.

    • Oh! I will read it later Jean. I hope you are doing well now. I bet you are. Yes. 2013 was awful for the Philippines. We barely got over the shock and the aftershocks of the earthquake, we then had Yolanda/Haiyan! I don’t know if I’ll be able to write something about it but what was so frustrating was how our government handled the aftermath of Haiyan. Still, the good thing about it was, there is the palpable consciousness of people in being more involved not just in terms of politics but in helping better the lives of others. It will be a long way before we’ll be a first world country, but I believe we will get there someday.

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