Happy Birthday To Me!

Hello! I’m still alive! 🙂

Quick updates!

Dear Husband was sent to Japan to support a new project.

And I am left with the two kids. It gets crazy.


Mikaela turned 6 last month.

She’s now in Grade 1.

School started last June.

Ayana Rhys is in Kindergarten.

She’s thriving, I’m pretty sure she is.

Because every time I call and check on her on the phone after her two-hour class, the first and the only thing she’ll report to me is, “Ma, I’ve finished school Ma!” or “Ma, I’m done with school Ma!”

But what I really want to share for now is the “late” 33rd birthday card I got from my already leggings-obsessed weaned 6-year old.

Here it is:

Happy 33rd Birthday To Us! :)

Happy 33rd Birthday To Us! 🙂


From Mikaela

Happy Birthday MaMa and tita

From You MaMa and tita

Love You am Happy

I Love my tita and MaMa

I Love my friends beacaus

I want my friends MaMa

You can answar This one spelling

1. 10

2. 11

3. 34

4. 66

5. 78

6. 88

7. 99

8. 100

9. 13

10. 33

I didn’t know birthday cards can double as a surprise quiz!  🙂

She called my attention out when she checked the following night if I answered it.

I quickly got into answering it because she was waiting for the paper to check!

It sure is one memorable unique birthday card!


4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday To Me!

  1. Happy, Happy birthday, Ava! Gosh – compared to me, you’re still just a baby. Hope you enjoyed your day at least. I can’t believe Mikaela’s handwriting. It’s SO neat. You should see my two guys. You’d think they wrote with their feet!

    • Hahaha! I like “writing on their feet”! I only hear the usual “chicken writing” do you use that when describing a not so legible hand writing? Or is it something we invented? I’m not quite sure. My brains scrambled with the 7.2 earthquake this morning.

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