Bedtime Conversation

The Scene : Mikaela and her Ma busy besting each other with Temple Run 2 high score. Ayana Rhys and Pa bonding, cuddling.

Dear Husband : Who wants to sleep beside me tonight?

Ayana, the dog/cat : ME!!

DH : Who went to market (wet) with Papa last Saturday?

A : ME!!

DH : Did you see many fishes?

A : YES!

DH : Did you see the goat’s head?

A : YES!

And yes, this is how we roll. Rolling heads and all. Pardon the pun.

DH : Did you see the pig?

And by pig, Dear Husband meant the slaughtered pig, head definitely not attached to it’s body already.

A : YES!

DH : Did you see the chicken?

A : YES!

DH : What else did you see?

A : A turtle!

DH : Turtle? There’s a turtle in the market? You mean the turtles at Maigo? (DH’s hometown)

A : YES!

Mikaela chirping in : “Pa, I saw the turtle pissing!”

DH : You did?

M : Yes!

Ayana not to be outdone,

A : Pa, I saw the turtle pooping! And it farted too!


Laughing my head off!

Good night everyone! Hahahaha!

Laugh. Love. Live.


7 thoughts on “Bedtime Conversation

  1. My idol in temple run – Kaela!!! I tried and tried playing the said game last Saturday (while I was waiting for the bus) Ava-chan, and I kept frustrating myself.. I just wish I can play the game as Mikaela plays it.. 🙂

    • Cge, good luck! 🙂 I think it also has a lot to do with the size of our hand/fingers. Mas nindot ang gamay ug kamot kay mas dali/precise ma basa sa touch screen.

  2. .. And here I am wondering how it’s gonna be when our Miggy starts to talk.. Hmmm.. Definitely something to look forward to..
    I am not sure though if the conversation will run as comically as yours – with turtles farting and pooping.. 😀

  3. I think yes, Bridget, lightening might be better.

    When I was a kid, we couldn’t understand parents laughing their head off about fartin’, etc. Better not to be too ridiculously repressed about this….especially as you age! It doesn’t get better!

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