Bottle Battle

When the last 2 weeks of December 2012 rolled by, I made a really important household announcement. NO more bottles, feeding bottles in the house by January 1. I did the countdown.

By January 1, all feeding bottles were stowed.

The 3 year-old was surprisingly the least resistant. Well, with her track record, I shouldn’t be surprised. She was off the day time diapers at 1.5year old and potty trained by 2.

The 5 year-old however, took time to acclimatize.

Track record?

  • She was 4 years old when she eventually got off the night-time diapers but it was still a “hit-miss” mess.
  • She was 4 and a half when she is officially continent.

Two months into the new “rule”, Mikael is now eating “real food”. 

Real, as in rice and candies.

 Seriously, we bungled on the bottle weaning with our first born.

How was your bottle-to-glass transition like?


3 thoughts on “Bottle Battle

  1. Since I nursed (until she was almost two) we didn’t have a bottle to food issue so much as a boob to food issue. The morning feeding was the hardest. When we finally made her stop, we told her she could have whatever she wanted for breakfast. Didn’t matter what, as long as it wasn’t breast milk. She had Spaghettios and bread with Nutella and never looked back.

    She’s been like that with everything though. She make take a while to get there, but once she’s ready, she goes like gangbusters. The trick for us is knowing when she’s ready for it.

  2. Samu was quick to transition from bottle to sippy cup, but now he knocks full glasses of milk over because he’s dancing at the table. Just make sure there’s no dancing at the table!

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