Mikaela’s Pink Christmas Wishlist

First, she wanted a toy guitar. Of course it is anything but generic . She wanted a pink, Barbie guitar. Then, she wanted to have a pink whistle.

When I bought a Tinkerbell pillow some weekend back, she magnanimously made the concession to give it to Ayana and told me that I should buy another one for her, of course she wanted a pink Barbie pillow.

One Saturday morning after her morning shower, she told me that she changed her mind about the pink Barbie pillow. She wanted to have one unicorn carriage and she emphasized, she wanted ONLY ONE, unicorn carriage. No, not just a toy carriage, she wanted a REAL unicorn carriage.

Is there any Christmas wish harder than this? 


Thank heavens she changed her mind, again. After the ONE UNICORN carriage, she told me if Santa can give her a floater. 

Me : You mean the arm bands for swimming? 

Mikaela : No Ma! Look at me first. Look!

Turning around she managed to act-out someone playing a flute.

Trying hard to contain my laughter, I said, “Okay, I think I know what you mean Ate Kaela. It is actually called a recorder Ate.”

Mikaela : I want a pink one Ma!

Santa only managed to give the pink guitar and the whistle, unfortunately, not pink, but a red whistle.

I had a hard time processing the “only one” unicorn carriage request. Does this get better as they grow older?



Originally pinned by Eliane Davis onto Pink Christmas

Originally pinned by Eliane Davis onto Pink Christmas


9 thoughts on “Mikaela’s Pink Christmas Wishlist

  1. Haha! Hilarious…one year, our daughter wanted a remote controlled butterfly. And this year, our daughter created two Santa letters. One, she let her parents see and the other one was hidden somewhere because it was a secret between her and Santa. haha! THAT was a tough one to figure out! 🙂

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