Christmas Launching 2012

Welcome to another edition of our company’s Christmas Launching activities! 🙂 The PETC office was magically transformed last Monday, Dec. 3.


A quick back story first. I have 9 years going on 10 with my company, as I’ve mentioned there are activities and programs that our company supports/have/celebrates that has fast become a tradition that promotes team work and enthusiasm to the otherwise mundane workload and work environment. And of course the highly if not most, anticipated event is the annual Christmas Party(aside from the annual merit of course. ;)). With the Christmas season, it has been a tradition to include a contest for all departments to take part in. Last year we had the live Christmas Character contest. We’ve already had the Snowman contest, the Christmas Card, Santa Claus and Christmas tree contests among other things. We termed it “Christmas Launching activities”, this usually happens a week before our company Christmas party. This is the time when we showcase the “finished products” along the center aisle. It truly is an exciting event.

This year, the program committee opted for a “Christmas Around the World” theme. A combination of display and live presentation showcasing how each country celebrates Christmas or not. And this year, we joined the Engineering Day (a new bonding event started last year) with the Christmas Launching. Cost effective? Yes! Yes! Yes! 🙂

This time of the year, regardless of the workload, there is a certain cheer, there is always something to look forward too. The anticipation how other departments come up with the “goods” so to speak is in itself already an exhilarating experience, at least for me.

So, I really thought nothing can beat  last year’s Christmas Launching. It was my favorite among all Christmas launching events. I was wrong. This year, another bar is set!

The program opened with a doxology, this time the Lead Me Lord is a better rendition for it was sung live by an officemate.

Ceremonial lighting of the Christmas tree, lit by the employee with the badge number 00042. The significance you ask? The newest employee has a badge number of 15511. So yes. This woman we fondly called “Mama” (stress on the second “ma”), is pretty significant, in the grand scheme of things. 😉 (My badge number is 9531, I was hired February 2003)


Loyalty and dedication.

A 2-3 minute video teaser/sneak peek on what each country will be presenting were shown. I had the most “laugh out loud” moments with the Testing and Laboratory department skit. They were assigned FRANCE and they were going to celebrate their department Christmas party in Paris. The funniest bit was when they shared the same flight with Tom Cruise! And of course, we pointed out that they were wearing their company uniforms on their way to France! 🙂 The video from the Admin department is also a favorite. They started speaking gibberish Swedish with Cebuano subtitles and abruptly switch to Cebuano. 🙂 Theirs was the most coherent in narrative and the cinematography’s superior considering we are not film makers but automotive Engineers. 🙂 The ABBA song medley did not hurt the presentation either. Catchy, memorable. 🙂 Although it was not part of the criteria for judging, the department who put a lot of thought to their “output” is very evident.  

The 9 departments were assigned the following countries:

1. Admin – SWEDEN

2. Testing and Laboratory – FRANCE

3. Wiring Services and Testing – SPAIN

4. Wiring Engineering Support – MEXICO

5. Cebu Electronics – PHILIPPINES

6. Interior Systems – GERMANY

7. International Material Data System – JAPAN

8. Seating Systems – USA

9. Electrical Component and Support /Electrical Design Support – AUSTRALIA

Passports ready?

Let’s go! 🙂

Disclaimer : The displays and the live presentation were based on each department’s interpretation and concept. It may or not may be, a hundred percent correct.


First stop, SWEDEN.

The Admin display:




The live presentation : They enthusiastically sung a song with choreography then they gathered around the table with Swedish food. They hugged, exchanged gifts and ended with cheer. Raul (our company Director) was the loudest who cheered! Hahaha!


Second stop, the City of Lights and Love, Paris, FRANCE.

The Testing and Laboratory display :



The live presentation : Lovers under the Eiffel Tower. Friends partying. Countdown to midnight. Wine. Lots of wine, dancing and hugs all around.


Still in Europe, our third stop, SPAIN!

The Wiring Services and Testing display :



The live presentation : Dora, the explorer and the crew. They sung Feliz Navidad and then the “We Did It Song”. They sure had fun “exploring”! 🙂


This next stop is a special stop! My country for the day, MEXICO!

The Wiring Engineering Support display : El Nacimiento



The live presentation : We reenacted the Las Posadas, a nightly procession(for nine days) commemorating the journey of Mary and Joseph on their search for lodging. In our short presentation, Mary and Joseph were accompanied by some pilgrims carrying candles and chanting songs. They travelled from inn to inn and each time they were refused by the innkeepers. Until they reached  the nativity scene we have set up. Here the pilgrims are welcomed. After a traditional prayer, the party begins. The children were each given a chance at breaking the piñata filled with candies.


Next stop, the PHILIPPINES!

The  Cebu Electronics display:






2012-12-05 18.03.10



The live presentation : The managers brought with them a “parol” or a star lantern. Their area was lit with small parols. On the foot of their Christmas tree, there were 4 miniature scenes, a church with the Simbang Gabi goers, a typical Noche Buena feast, the iconic Jeepney with a street vendor selling “parols” and the caroling scene.  They danced to some popular Filipino christmas songs. It was pretty grand, the dancers occupied almost all of the center aisle. Aside from our presentation, this is my personal favorite.


Back to Europe, GERMANY!

The Interior Systems display:



The live presentation : I wasn’t able to see the actual presentation but I heard the Silent Night song being played. There was a Santa Claus with 2 “nutcracker” guards and beer. 😉



On to Asia, JAPAN!

The IMDS display :



The live presentation : They have someone explained that the Christmas traditions in Japan is not rooted to any Christian tradition. They explained that Christmas in Japan, is a time to spread happiness and romance. During the narration, there were people who acted out each tradition. They showcased the christmas cake, fried chicken and daiku (the 9th symphony of Beethoven). The presentation of the Japanese’ Christmas tradition was clear, smooth and concise.


Now we’re off to the USA!

The Seating Systems display :



The live presentation : Four very “made-up” boys danced into the tune of the Jingle Bell rock song! 🙂 They were very pretty! Can’t get hold of a picture of them though.


Our last stop, AUSTRALIA!

The ECS/EDS display :



The live presentation : A group/mob/court of cute kangaroos were lost and can’t find their way home. Then Santa Claus came and lead them home. 🙂 Cute. Beach bums in their makeshift Bondi beach. 🙂


The winners?

1st place – IMDS department (Japan)

2nd place – ADMIN (Sweden)

3rd place – WES (Mexico)

The criteria was,

Display – 40%

Live Presentation – 30%

Creativity – 30%

But the fun did not end there. It is just starting!

Last year we had our first Engineering Day event. A cross between Foundation Days in college and a picnic in the park. This year, we fused it with the Christmas launching. See, we really know how to save. 😉

There were 4 events, 4 teams.

Car Making Contest, Speed Eating Contest, Amazing Race and the search for PETC Christmas Babe 2012.

Team Snowman composed of all Electronics departments : (HW/SWD/SWV/ELM/PQ/PM)

Team Angels composed of all Seats department : (ISD/SSD)

Team Reindeer composed of Admin/IMDS/Laboratory

Team Santa composed of  all Wiring departments : (WES/WST/EDS/ECS)

The second part of the program started off with the Christmas Babes walking down the center aisle.






The Christmas Babes will also be the ones to explain their respective team’s car design. They will be judged not just by beauty and charm but by wit and eloquence also. 🙂

The winners,

Amazing Race : Team Angels

Speed Eating : Team Angels

Car Making :  3 categories

Longest Distance Travelled : Team Santa

Best Christmas Inspired Design : not sure but I guess it was Team Angels also?

Best Car : Team Angels

PETC Christmas Babe 2012 : Team Santa! Wohooo!! 🙂

At the back. Picnic area.




Some of my kids. 🙂 And another guest at the back!


Some WES friends enjoying the barbeque and the funfilled afternoon.


2012-12-03 16.36.13

Ready to explain:


Cheering for our Santa Babe!


PETC Gangnam Style :



 With my Manager, Lorna (middle) and Ate Abeth (left). Literally behind the scene, our nativity scene. 🙂



It was another happy memory to be stored and cherished!

Now I have to go rush and find the perfect shoes to go with my Christmas party outfit tonight. Stay tuned! We are going to have another dance contest like last year!

Thank you to William Atienza, Marcu Deniega, Yaung Tomada and Jeramae Manisan for the pictures!


7 thoughts on “Christmas Launching 2012

  1. Okay, I’m beginning to think your company has a lot of time on its hands. Woo-hoo for your team landing 3rd place! And Woo-hoo for NEW YORK landing the display (like totally) for U.S.A.! And WOO-HOO for Japan landing first place. woo-hoo…that’s my husband – for the Santa Babes.

  2. I get the impression that Filipinos in your home country just love the festivity of Christmas which is why your company went nuts celebrating. It’s not like that for any employer I’ve worked for in Canada and I’ve worked at over 8 different employers…some quite large,etc.

    We’re just going to restaurant for a Christmas luncheon..with 12 other people in our dept. On the side during Dec., sometimes people might offer up a dessert treat at work to complement a coffee break. But that’s all.

    And oh yea, we have the gift swap…which is supposed to be “cheap”, regifted presents. So I got mine a belug baby whale design on resuable shopping bag, a bear bell (when you go hiking to scare off wild bears in the Canadian Rockies) and a tiny LED light to wear when going jogging, walking in the dark or put it onto the dog collar, so doggie doesn’t get run over by cyclists. 🙂

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