Cars (Not The Movie)

Early this month Petron launched it’s toy-car promo. With every 1,000Php single or accumulated receipt of Petron products (Blaze 100, XCS, Xtra Unleaded, Turbo Diesel and Diesel Max), you are already eligible to buy the 5 Porsche toy cars for only 180Php. The Carrera, the Cayman, the Panamera, the Cayenne and the GT3 RSR.



Admittedly, we are Shell patrons but decide to switch to Petron for the meantime to avail of the promo, though we are not collectors, the models are just too nice to pass up on.


So last night, Mikaela saw the GT3 RSR model (which by the way is scheduled on a Dec. 1 début but on some stations it is already available), begged her Pa to let her play with it, Pa relented. The grand master plan was to collect the 5 toy cars first before letting them see/play with them. So much for plans.

Michael already anticipating the “mayhem” that will ensue in a “one toy, two competitive child scenario”, got the Cayenne model he was  hiding inside his closet. Commence the race.

After five or so runs, Mikaela with her Cayenne blew off her Pa’s(in-behalf of Yana) GT3 every time. Which is suspicious, so her Pa took the two cars and revved up/pulled back the two cars together, and the Cayenne without the extra push Mikaela is giving, won fair and square. It probably has to do with the batteries too.

 Do you have the 5 models already? Which of your 5 ran faster? 🙂

Ready. Get Set.




Winner fist pump!


Girls Love Cars Too!

The first photo taken from the Petron Corporation’s Facebook page.!/photo.php?fbid=484476368253956&set=a.378860112148916.90803.210371975664398&type=1&theater


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