That Special Christmas Feeling

Got home from the office an hour ago. We had our department Team Building/Christmas Party for this year. Yeah I know, early? Yes. 2 in 1 events? Yes. We define “cost efficient”. We do! Twice. Since we did it last year too! 🙂 It is really quite effective since most of us are already busy on December and of course, we only have to save for one event.

This post is not going to be a blow by blow account of this year’s party, though I must admit I already have a list of Things Gone Right and Things Gone Wrong (TGR/TGW) for future reference on next year’s party. Yep! Life is all about continuously improving of course. 😉

The one thing I really like to talk about is the feeling of oneness. The feeling of belongingness. I am proud to say, I feel happy and proud to belong to a team that feels like my family. And what a way to usher in the season of Christmas.

On this note, allow me to greet you first, “A Merry Christmas to you!”.


4 thoughts on “That Special Christmas Feeling

  1. Merry early Christmas Ava. We’ll be celebrating at work by going to a restaurant for lunch…I don’t like the place but that was a winning vote amongst 10 other employees. (I work for an organization of 14,000 employees.)

    Yea, I’ll be having my blog post early in Dec. Look forward to yours too. 😉

    • Ms. Jean!! 🙂 I am so looking forward to your Christmas post too! 14,000? Now that’s a really big organization! Yeah,the majority vote pretty much is our thing here too. I hope you’d still have a good time though.

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