Dependents’ Day 2012

It’s Dependents’ Day again!

It is an annual (at least if the budget allows it) company activity. The main purpose of which is to let the employees’ dependents or family have a look and feel of where their family member works at, and of course give them a great memory and a sense of being home and being a family in our organization.

Here’s a quick look back last year : Dependents’ Day 2011

After the usual stressful hoopla/turmoil/pandemonium on the registration guidelines, all were set for October 31 Trick or Treat highlight.


This year, more and more departments are getting into the spirit.

Happy Halloween!

Software Development area.

There were roughly 5 coffins that I saw.  Here’s one with a twist.

A candy-filled coffin.

CE area.

IMDS faery land.



ECS/EDS area

While the decorating brings out the child in us and builds the excitement we feel for the annual event, what is still most joyful to watch, are the faces of the children having the time of their lives.

With Jollibee.

The boat is sinking, group yourselves into yellow! 😉

What was most memorable for me this year was the “Seats” guys’ antics. They scared the bejeezus out of some kids. They wore scary masks and made really spooky noises and crawled on the floor when the kids got to their place. There were four groups of kids touring the building and every time a group got to their area, the shrieking, screaming voices can surely be heard. It was all good fun. So far, we did not receive any complaints from outraged parents.

Scariest group! 🙂 ISD/SSD guys.

See the kid on white shirt? Yep! Terrified! Good thing she got over it pretty quick. I was telling them it was all play-acting.

Trick or Treating on the floor.

Can’t resist to include this cute baby bug.

Cute lady bug and her Pa.

And of course, here’s my two girls and their friend.

Divvying loot. A bruja, a fairy and a baby jaguar.

It was a satisfying feel good event as usual. Till next year!

P.S. Some more pics. 🙂


Big kids enjoying the revelry.

Kid on lap = unbilled hour.

Leggingsless Mikaela and friends.


Credits to Niño, Anne and Jethel for the pictures.


6 thoughts on “Dependents’ Day 2012

  1. Very cute. Actually at our workplace we had a Hallowe’en pizza luncheon on site. Some employees choose to dress up in costume. I don’t since that requires too much imagination, etc. But did dress in all black clothing since over 15 of us did it to surprise a senior manager who ALWAYS wears a black shirt. Always. (I think it’s to hide his widening girth/weight gain.) He’s a nice guy so we were all willing to do it.

  2. Wow – you call that starting to get into the spirit? That beats the gay Halloween parade by a mile! I absolutely love fairy land. Does your company have any openings? I could work the mail room.

    • Yes, it is one of the reason why I stayed almost a decade Grace-ie and dear husband, 15 years! 😉 As for Mikaela legging-less, yes! 😉 It’s going to be a bittersweet parting.

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