Insomnia. Thank you! For you’ve given me another reason to write again. I have at times tried to compose another post but I keep pushing it off to later. I have alot of self-imposed restrictions on doing/posting a new blog entry, one is, to read all my bloggy friends posts, all posts! and two, to comment and three, to reply to each and every comment made on my site. 🙂

So of course, it is a doable thing but being a working mom? It’s a difficult thing to manage. So, thank you, insomnia, for giving me clarity and resolution. I will not force it but I will take time and make time when I can.

During this period of “blog slump”, I realized that I miss my cyber friends from all over the world. Thank God for RSS feeds I still get to read some of their posts but I really wanted to give time to each of them and to each of their posts. Savor and soak on their thoughts and experiences, the funny and the profound, the hilarious, the touching and most importantly the real, the genuine, the honest, authentic and unique reflections that they have, that they are.

On my end friends, life caught up with me. 


5 thoughts on “Insomnia

  1. So good to hear from you, Ava! I know your life must be so hectic and full with work and your gorgeous family. Remember to take care of yourself, though.
    Be rest assured we’re all here. Always here for you xxx

  2. Knew you’d be coming ’round the mountain, again! Sometimes, all you have to post is “Aaaaagh!” and “New leggings!” and we’d get it, Ava. We totally get it. Now, get some sleep, lady.

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