This morning I read a text message from a very good friend,



I let Michael read the text and after he read it, we just paused not saying anything. We were both lost in our own thoughts, mine went immediately to how my friend is feeling that very moment and to the moment she knew. I wanted to give her my tightest hug. I asked God why it has to be a close friend of mine. But then I quickly said a heartfelt prayer to the Almighty, thinking a second may be a bit too late to get into God’s busy hotline. I can never be sure so I thought I better not wait for a second more.

I went through with our morning routine in a daze, I also thought, “How unfair! Why Lord?”. If I have my way, I wanted everyone to stop doing what they are doing and ask for a minute or  even 30 seconds of their time to send a prayer for the healing of my friend. If only I have the power to do that, I definitely will.

Jay is one of the smartest woman I know, she’s one of the bravest also. I’ve known her when I joined Lear last 2003. We became closer when I married Michael 2006, not only were we office mates but we are also neighbors! They were our veil sponsors too at our wedding. We got hooked on badminton at the same time, we made sure to get up real early on Saturday mornings to get the best courts and play until we are soaking wet from sweat. We made a few out-of-town trips together too.

But what really made her dear to me is her love for reading and books! She has a whole lot of books! Who wouldn’t love and respect a woman who makes sure all her books are covered and labeled complete with the date she bought the books! We bonded over her books because she loves to buy them while I love borrowing them! 🙂

Jay is also the consummate traveller! She has been all over the world. I can only wait for her pictures and her travel tales. I remembered distinctly how she virtually brought me with her to Glasgow, Scotland and how Edinburgh is ED-in-burr-ə; as opposed to my Edinburg pronunciation, in one of her travelogue, with me hanging on to her every word not wanting to miss a thing. I probably have my mouth open and eyes glassy imagining and trying to recapture her experiences in my imagination. She actually had been to most of the places we only read in books! So it jarred me, it shook Michael and me, that the very vibrant woman we know is struck with this big ugly C.

All day today, she never strayed from my thoughts. Every moment that I thought about her I say a prayer. We visited her this evening and she is doing okay. Jay’s aura is positive and strangely enough, very peaceful and calm. They say, adversity does not build character it reveals it, so true. It revealed the Jay I’ve known all along, brave, strong and graceful, under pressure. 

To all her friends she wanted to tell you that she’s doing fine. She needs to be strong and prepare for the real battle to commence when she’ll undergo chemotherapy in the next few weeks. She loves pears and carrots for now, vegetables and fresh fruits are her diet. She’ll need all your prayers though. Fight! Fight! Fight Jayo!

And to Mommy Des and Langga, I salute you! You have got to be stronger than ever. For driving services or any other help, do not hesitate to text or call us. Michael and Ava at your service! 🙂



Prayer Warriors

P.S. This is not my first brush with cancer. My mom was diagnosed with breast cancer first quarter of 2009. She has had masectomy one breast and after the surgery she didn’t have to undergo chemotherapy. She’s cancer free, for now. We really don’t know when life’s going to throw us curveballs, what we can do is just hit it right back with all our might and hope for a home run.


10 thoughts on “Curveballs

  1. i was also silent when russel showed me the SMS this morning, right after i tapped my ID. and after reading ur blog, my mind went blank again.
    there is a reason why it happened ‘my.
    i may not have the same closeness with jaye way back in the 90’s but knowing that someone you know got that dreadful C, it will always gives you a heavy heart.
    btw, i’ve been thinking of sending u a txt to ask if it’s ok to cover jay’s book. u just answered my question.
    Fight Jaye!

  2. As blasphemous as I am, I actually do pray, and most definitely will do so for your friend. She sounds like she’s ready to give Cancer a knockout punch – good for her! And cheers to you for giving her props. You’re a wonderful friend.

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