Spider or Bird?

When you have a kindergartner, mine by the way, ceremoniously decided a few nights back that she wanted to be six and skip 5 altogether (she’ll be 5 this Sunday July 29), you are bound to have some, okay, a lot of  hair-pulling, stress-inducing events and or scenarios. This, I’ve learned to live with. Well….. Almost learn to live with. But the upside of living with a kindergartner (stubborn or not), are the random comic reliefs during homework or study time. This is one of the things I live for and of course it is very good blog fodder. 🙂

Last night, I was reviewing Mikaela for her last Mastery Exam and after a lot of play in betweens, we’ve arrived to the last topic for Math, the directions and positions topic. On-Under, Top-Bottom, Inside-Outside, Beside-In Front-Behind.

There was an activity in the book to test the child’s understanding of the concept Inside and Outside. So I let Mikaela get down to answering the items.

Number 1 , draw a ball INSIDE the box. Mikaela then drew a ball INSIDE the box, easy peasy. 

Number 2, draw a square outside the circle. No sweat.  

Upon quickly reading number 3, my heart skipped a beat, trouble coming right up!

Draw a bird inside the cage. I know, easy enough, right?  No.

I know Mikaela can’t and won’t draw a bird. I already tried the supportive mommy routine last school year, “You can try to draw a bird Ate, you can do it”. Mikaela’s response in not so many words, “I don’t know how to draw it, I will not draw it.” Did I mention she knows her own mind and makes sure I know it too?

Using my very pleasant friendly persuasive-but-not-obviously voice, “Try Ate, you can do it!”. To which she replied, “You do it Ma!” And knowing my first spawn child, this is not a battle worth fighting for, and it’s not worth tipping the tenuous scale of uneventful studying and chaos. Without further ado, I drew a “bird”.

Mikaela upon seeing the “bird” INSIDE the cage, blurted out incredulously, “What is that Ma?!”

I took another look, brows-knitted, I honestly said, errr… a spider?!!

Then it sinked in. My stomach hurt from laughing so hard!  Michael took a good look and amidst his hearty guffaws, confirmed that is sure looked like a teeny weeny skinny spider!  Bwahahaha!

Mikaela took pity on me and told me, “Let’s put wings Ma, like this!”

Like they say, all’s well that ends well.

At least INSIDE and OUTSIDE was properly understood. Yeah? 🙂

Happy Thursday everyone!



6 thoughts on “Spider or Bird?

  1. Happy Almost Birthday, Mikaela! Wow – five years old. Time to upgrade to pantyhoses – ha, ha! Drawing birds are hard. How could they ask a Kindergartner to do that? Your spider is absolutely artistic.

    • I know I could count on you to get my back friend! 🙂 Pantyhoses? Hopefully not. I have enough wardrobe eccentricities to last me until retirement time, thank you. 🙂

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