Iced Tea Fiesta

Around noon today, the office was abuzz with people taking out their kept “used-and-some-clean” paper cups from the two coffee vending machines inside the office! I, on the other hand, am not a coffee drinker, contentedly surveyed the proceedings and just soaked on the very tangible excited energy in the building. 🙂

Nestle Philippines, are exchanging 2 packs of 2-liter iced tea for each paper cup. The catch is, the packs will expire next month. Nevertheless, the commotion was a nice interruption to the otherwise usual middle of the week office tedium.

But what I could not quite wrap my mind around is, the fact that eventhough there was no prior notice of a promotion of this kind, there were a lot of my officemates who kept their paper cups! There was one friend who have 93 cups, double it, she have 186 packs of iced tea, and there was one with 181 cups which translates to 362 packs of iced tea! Wow!

It tickled my mind why in blue blazes do they keep their used coffee cups?  Because for me, if you don’t need it or it has been sitting around for awhile neglected, depending on the object, I either throw it or give it away.

So I asked around.Their answers were :

  • I’m a self-confessed hoarder Maam! 🙂
  • I’m keeping it for recycling especially during December when we have our annual Christmas contest (christmas card, christmas tree, santa claus making contest, etc.).
  • I’m keeping it because I use it as makeshift mini trashcan.
  • I like keeping them.

    Okay, so at least I have my answers now and an iced-tea supply that will last at least the whole month, thanks to the generous officemates who shared their loot! And thanks Nestle for visiting!



14 thoughts on “Iced Tea Fiesta

  1. That’s insane! I think the one that was the weirdest was just “I like keeping them.” Well, at least they were rewarded for it, I suppose.

    On a random note, I nominated you for a couple of awards. They’re on my blog post today. The I Want to Wear Your Head for a Hat is my favorite!

  2. Sounds like a sugar rush with iced tea bonus/exchange.
    As for keeping used paper cups, it only makes sense to keep 2-3 for holding something. (Don’t ask me what. Even I’m trying to figure that one.)

  3. I’ve just read about compulsive hoarding… this isn’t a disorder but can be related to (or symptoms of) Obsessive-Compulsive disorder… Ooops. I think I need to trash them out from my cabinet. hahaha. wah ko kasabot exactly though nganing ni hoard ko..

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