Volley Love

If you’ve been here before, you would know that I have close to a decade with the company I worked for. If this is your first time, feel free to check me out quickly here.

To be exact, I have been with the company for 9 years, 4 months, 2 days, and it is only here and this year,  that I discovered my love for volleyball.

This discovery was serendipitous. 🙂

But what’s more mind-boggling and mind-blowing at least for me is, if I didn’t get to be 31, 32 this August, and two kids after;  I wouldn’t be dabbling on the athletics! A wee bit late, don’t you think? But I’m just glad to have discovered this new love. This is also the reason why I’ve missed a lot of fab Monday Listicles prompt.

It started very early this year when my section discussed some ideas on the best exercise to do this year. (Yes, we take team work to another level!) And also because a lot of hypertensive people are becoming younger and younger, which is very alarming, thus the healthy lifestyle consciousness.

Anne, suggested jogging/running. I did try this on the first 3 weeks of the month January but when my OB/GYNE on our yearly pap smear exam told me to minimize on activities like running since it will aggravate my already too low-lying uterus, out flew my dream of becoming a hardcore runner like my bloggy friends Bridget and Kim or the girl from down under Grace who runs in the annual City2Surf, Sydney’s favourite sporting event.  These women rocks!

So, back to my meteoric journey to discovering my love for volleyball, Candice, enthusiastic, energetic mommy Candice, suggested to have our own section tournament. Since we are more than 20, we divided the group into two, via draw lots. We decided on two games, volleyball and basketball. It was during these games that I realized how I love (and even loving it more every single time I get to be inside the court), playing volleyball!

A lot of our department associates expressed their interest to join (there are I think 118 of us in the department as of today), so it became, Manager’s Cup. On a side note, it is most unfortunate, that our section, the startup committee did not make it to the finals. Tsk..Tsk.

Then comes the annual Director’s Cup, which opened last month. This is such a very welcome event, considering the  merit increase we’ve been waiting and counting for went down the drain this year. And I am very happy to learn that I am one of those personally picked by our dearest team captain Tiffany, who if you remember was Mrs. Santa Claus last December to be one of our department players.

Follow so far? First, section tournament, then department, then the company tournament.

So then, there is the annual HRA games, HRA stands for Human Resources Association. This is an inter-company competition. So there I was the ambitious newbie roped in by Tiffany to try out. And since the try-out turn-out wasn’t such a success because only a handful came out and actually tried out, I was picked. That, and the fact that I am good friends with Tiffany the team-captain and Tirso, the team coach. 🙂 But nevertheless, I sincerely think I deserved the spot since I tried out fair and square. I may not have stellar skills and techniques and experience, but my enthusiasm and commitment to attend every damn practices is burning strong. But seriously though, I think if we really make a career out of these HRA games, a year-round program is a good idea to make a championship team and to make sure to encourage and convince those with prior experience to wear proudly our company colors. But, this is another topic.

So there, I am now a certified volleyball enthusiast! 🙂 But more than this, I love the fact that I get to meet and be friends with cool gals and guys from the other departments which I wouldn’t have the opportunity if I didn’t discover my affinity with the volleyball court at the back of our office! And to top it off, I get the exercise and the workout I need. Oh yeah, this and Zumba!




17 thoughts on “Volley Love

  1. I’m so jealous how your colleagues get so involved in sports together. It’s so great for team building, I think. I want to see pictures of you guys in volleyball action! 🙂

    • Grace-ie, it has opened a new world for me. Imagine, I only get to play this year as in starting this year. If there’s a most improved player award, I’d not sooner nominate myself! Haha!

  2. Ava, you sell yourself short all the time – of course you deserved the spot fair and square! Volleyball, huh? It is a lot of fun – do you have to wear a bikini?

    • I was never able to wear a bikini friend, and now, two kids after, fat chance! Tsk.. tsk.. tsk.. Regrets, one of my regret – never having worn a bikini. (Wait, is my grammar correct? having worn, sounds weird)

  3. that’s great!!! I still struggle to get into the workout groove like I did before kids- For me, I go spinning with my husband, do pilates or the elliptical at home and treat myself to bikram hot yoga once or twice a month. Since being on vacation for a month and a half, I have hardly worked out and I miss it! Good for you for finding an athletic passion! Good luck in your tournaments!

  4. This is one of those examples of why there’s something for everyone. So glad you found a sport you enjoy. I personally hate volleyball (too many traumatic elementary and middle school experiences- I think I suffer from PTSD) but know lots of people who love it. I’m gonna stick to the Zumba though.

    Welcome back! You’ve been missed!

    • Yup, it can get pretty intense but I still am missing the Zumba sessions though. It conflicts with the volleyball practices. The tourney will be over soon, so it’s an equal tradeoff, at least for me. 🙂

  5. 1 of my sisters and I did join up informally for volleyball 1-2 times per wk. for about 3 months…over 25 yrs. ago. It was fun and we also learned of some table tennis champs (1 of them had a brother who was a national Canadian champ.).

    Then life changed…she met her now present hubby, when they were jogging at the same fitness facility. They have 3 children.

    I met my partner first before he helped to get back into cycling. We’ve been together (and cyclng) last 20 yrs. 😀

    • I know how to bike Jean, and it was one of the most if not the most enjoyable exercise I did when I was assigned for 9months in Japan. I am just scared to do biking here in Cebu because there is no designated bicycle lanes but there are a lot of biking enthusiast here, in fact, in the office we have a group slash club. 🙂

      • Sorry, I’m not sure I understand the term, “slash” club. Or am I missing a mini-joke, here? There are different bike cultures: roadies, mountain bikers, bmx bikers, fixie hipsters, commuters, etc. which may have their own language. I don’t claim to know all the different subculture cycling languages.

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