Weekend Bedroom Spins

My husband is gross and my 4-year-old is crazy.

Case in point.

Last Sunday morning, Mikaela had the brilliant idea of reviewing her exam papers when we woke up.  She has this really weird study timing. And of course she picked me, to do the reviews with her. Early. Sunday. Morning.  I was actually hoping for a chance to sneak some early morning FB, twitter, instagram, blog reads, session. Alas! No such luck. She is a very persistent girl. So the review commenced. (Oh, btw we reviewed the papers early Saturday morning too! And I have to add that this month is the summer vacation month, no school. Go figure.)

Their Pa is snoring. Loudly. I want to whack him. Either that, or smother him with the biggest pillow I can get my hands on.  Of course, the baby Ayana Rhys wants to hog all my attention too. After every page was turned, every item covered, and Ayana Rhys doing her best to make her Ate Kaela crazy/crazier with her antics, like counting nonsensically while her Ate (Filipino name for elder sisters) is counting also, or snatching and tearing the stapled test papers, and me tethering on the edge of madness, I had a light bulb moment and said, “how about waking up Papa together!” The two crazies sneaked inside their father’s blanket and proceeded to ride and jump on their father’s back! Yay! Sweet revenge! Now here comes the gross part, (Nami and Bridget, I think you know where this story is going), while snuggling together all 3 of them, Mikaela protested, “Baho ka utot Papa oi!” translation, “Your fart stinks Pa!”. I of course gave him the stink eye (pun intended) and what did I get? A sheepish grin! The nastiest thing was, he did it again, with me inside the blanket! This time, I did whacked him on the head and the forehead!

What is it with husbands and farting?


11 thoughts on “Weekend Bedroom Spins

  1. Lol!!! Flatulence is rife in this house too! The other day, I thought one of the twins had done a poo. Then Mr Surfer turned around and said, “Nope. That was one of my farts.” Gross!

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