My Little Cat

We have a new “part-time” pet!

Part-time because, well, she is a toddler. And toddlers after all are busy little individuals with a mission to keep us on our toes all the time and of course make us chase the last of our sanities, regularly. Except of course during tube time, in our case, currently? Phineas and Ferb tube time.

My 2nd daughter, Ayana Rhys, is 2 and a half years old, and definitely not the most sociable toddler. She’s wary, she takes her time getting to know other people. If provoked, she’s a force to be reckoned with. Just asked her elder sister Mikaela, or her uncle (Michael 3). Yep. She routinely picks on her uncle too. With provocation. (Except the time when she pinched our good friends’ pretty daughter, Fia. It was her way of showing she finds the baby cute and irresistible. The pinching incidences thankfully now, are rare.)

So last Sunday, on our way to the church to attend the christening of my twin sister’s 4th daughter, (yes, between the 2 of us, we have 6 girls), Ayana went upstairs again to get leggings. She is wearing a dress already. She went up and got leggings to wear. Leggings mania in the house, people. Apparently, it is contagious. And if you’re wondering, Mikaela is as obsessed as always. No sign of wavering whatsoever.

When we arrived at the eat-all-you-can restaurant for the lunch celeb, with around 40 guests, Ayana made it her mission to clean the floor by crawling on all fours and pretended “again” that she’s a cat! Other times, she’s either a pig, a rabbit or a monkey.

When in cat mode, she licks my face, her sister’s face, her Pa’s tummy and mine too! Cute. But. Gross.

We humor her, Ate Kaela by scratching her head and her chin. Me, with a pat in the head. Sometimes, when the mood strikes her, she only answers with a meow!

Me: Yana, you want to open your mouth now and eat your dinner?
Yana: Meow!
Me: Yan, can you stop meowing and brush your teeth now?
Yana: Meow!


Good thing I brought one set of clothes change.

After the cleanup, Ayana Rhys decided to run around and shout at the top of her lungs! Between her and my twins sister’s 3rd daughter Kyle, they were having a blast! Oh well, at least the little cat’s hands and knees are clean now.

Happy weekend everyone!



13 thoughts on “My Little Cat

  1. I’m sure your girls will hopefully learn over time how to treat kitty well and look after it well. A manager at work who has 2 children and 2 dogs, said that having a pet teaches the children how to learn boundaries in their behaviour by learning to treat respectfully any living animal (and good person) and look after a pet. Also get used to routine of looking after a living thing.

    • A pet is a very good way except budget-wise, it’s pretty tight now. Especially the annual merit this year was scratched. We’ve been looking for a dog pet but for sure not this year. Hopefully, next year. Will keep you friends, posted! 🙂

      • A healthy pet does also require care by veteranarian. So does dog. I know people here in North America who may spend several hundred dollars on a dog health problem. It happens occasionally.

    • A cat, a dog? Someday B.. Budget’s tight this year. Soon! Hopefully! 🙂 A cat or a dog will be a good addition, just not another baby. *crossing fingers* at least not yet….

  2. Part time pet – that’s so funny! I wonder, when she gets tired and whiny, can you ask her to be the cat instead? And the leggings – we should all join in and make it the norm.

    • I haven’t thought of doing this trick Nami! I’ve gotta give this a try.
      And yes, leggings? Yeah! It’s like tattoos now. (Btw, my Ma 53, just got 3 brand new tattoos! :)) So, I’ll take leggings anytime, for now. 🙂

    • Glad to hear from you Trish! 🙂 You are pretty busy these past days. Just glad that it’s a phase that’s pretty easy to handle, so, bring on the cats!

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