Waterfalls and Zumba

Hello back to me! 🙂

I’m hoping my writing funk ends with this post. Let’s wait and see. I missed my bloggy friends all over the interwebz. And I hope my silent readers will find reason to visit me again now that I’ve managed to shake the blues away. I hope. Fingers-crossed.


This April, the family went for a quick vacation to dear husband’s hometown, the week after the Holy Week. The highlight was the waterfalls adventure. We scaled around 500 steps going down and another 500 steps going right back up,  to see this. Yes, approximately 1000 steep narrow winding steps. What were we thinking! But it was a very rewarding sight!


Tinago Falls (main falls)


Side falls.


Yes, Mikaela is still wearing leggings.


Michael II on the left and Michael I on the right. The one on the right holding Ayana Rhys is dear husband.


Just have to include this pic. This one is not from Tinago Falls. This was taken way back 2007. The triplets with their brother-in-law Sergie. Michael II wearing the black t-shirt. Michael III on right most and the one on the center’s my dear husband, Michael I.



On the office front, Zumba is the new IN thing now.  We still do have volleyball, basketball, table tennis and darts activities and tournaments.





This picture is not of my office mates or of me. But what joy it would be to have a stomach as sculpted as this and moves as groovy as this!


It was disconcerting though to have no verbal cues or step by step instructions on the basic moves during my first session. It is a watch and learn, touch and go, show.


But what is so nice about Zumba every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon at the volleyball/tennis court, at the back of the office is, the sense of community while doing the easy beats and the fun on keeping up with the faster tunes. Although I have to tell you that the “spectators” are present all the time, and yes, they do comment. 🙂 But it’s all in the spirit of fun and good workout.


Even without the formal instructions on the “moves”, which some others might find a turn-off, I still love the exhilarating workout I get from these TTH sessions. To the IMDS people, especially to Francis our main instructor/guide, thanks!




10 thoughts on “Waterfalls and Zumba

  1. That’s great that your job has workouts in the afternoon! I’ve never done Zumba mostly because all of the women I know who raved about it are over 60 yrs. Somehow, I thought it was for old people. Like my husband’s stigmatism about riding the bus (it’s for old folks).

    So glad to have you back – I really missed you, though writing funks are totally understandable (don’t you just LOVE seeing how much you were missed?).

  2. I LOVE Zumba! Over the winter I was going to a weekly class, but then it conflicted with a class I was teaching so I had to drop it. I’m hoping to find another one soon, because I really miss it.

    And those falls are absolutely lovely! But I’m not sure I would have been able to handle the flights of stairs up and down to see them. Stairs and heights kind of freak me out.

    Welcome back! Hope there’s more to come. 🙂

  3. Welcome back, Ava!!! It appears you have been rather busy!
    Beautiful photos of your waterfalls trip. Particularly love how Mikeala’s still in her leggings. Haha…
    I’ve never tried Zumba. Looks like fun. But really, are those abs for real ??? 🙂

    • Yes, pretty busy! 🙂 I wasn’t able to mention that after Zumba classes I have volleyball practices too! Full sked!
      About the abs, I think it’s photoshopped! 😉

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