March Surprise!

Hello World!

I’m back! After a 2-week hiatus, I know I wasn’t sorely missed, although I miss my bloggy friends and reading their hilarious posts very much.. The absence was due to a lot of things happening in the office and the home front and then the Holy Week.

Backtrack to March.

March is a happening month for me, 3 of my closest girl friends celebrates their birthdays on this month the 23rd, 24th and the 29th and my super step-mom on the 28th.

March also officially signals the start of summer and the graduation month.  Exciting!

So, of course Mikaela (Nursery-2) have consistently maintained being 3rd for the last 3 grading periods in her class. Yep! Consistent is the word. No improvements, just being consistent.  More than anything, I am happy that Mikaela is making friends and that her stubbornness is more directed to positive pursuits now.

The funny thing is, we weren’t really sure if she made it to the final honor roll until the last minute because, well, she is really flighty during study sessions.

So a few nights before the actual Recognition Day (March 30),  my live-in nanny Ate Cha told me,

Va, Kaela also got the Most Obedient award aside from being 3rd honor.

Me : *Incredulous* Are you sure Ate? Sure??

(Me thinking ) What is happening in this world? My stubborn first spawn, obedient?? This is either a joke, a heresy, a misinformation or a rumour. I really can’t quiet grasp the entire idea.

And surprisingly, she truly is! It’s probably Pitcher/Teacher Princess magic.

Thank you Teacher Princess and to all the graduates and the honor students, congratulations! And to the parents, too!

3rd honor and Most Obedient. Yeah, this kid.


Ms. Most Obedient and her Ma.


With her pretty Teacher Princess!


With KC and Arianne.


With the 2 Hellions!


Happy Parents!


12 thoughts on “March Surprise!

  1. I’ve missed you, Ava!!! Well done, Mikeaka! 3rd and obedient! Woo hoo! I think our children save the stubbornness and naughty behaviour especially for us. That photo of her squishing her face is priceless! Much love to your beautiful family, Ava! xxx

  2. Welcome back! I’ve been outta the blog loop, too! We had stomach viruses followed by asthma followed by another virus. haha! Most Obedient? That must be an Asian culture thing. haha! I think I remember something like that in Korea, too. 🙂

    • Thank you B! That she is, spunky! That sometimes I would love to trade spunk for tame, but then tame wouldn’t make for an interesting blog posts, right? 🙂

  3. Those uniforms are adorable! And no need to apologize, you’re one busy mama. Spring graduation makes so much sense. Congratulations to little Miss Obedient and to her parents, too.

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