The Good Life. :)

Linking up with Stasha again at THE GOOD LIFE for Monday Listicles.

Terri at Terri’s Little Corner chose 10 Things That Make Our Lives Easier for this week’s topic.


Monday Listicles

Here’s my list:

1.  Water pipes/Running Water. I remember we have to get our water from hand pump deep wells way back.

I so used to be this girl by the well. Photo credit to :

2.  Bridges. I live in Cebu, Philippines but specifically in a smaller island named Lapu-Lapu City. We are connected to Cebu City via two bridges. Before, we have to ride a barge to get to the city everytime the first bridge is repaired.  The two bridges make life easier now.

Mactan Mandaue Bridge II or the Marcelo Fernan Bridge

3.  Cellphones.

4.  The English Language.  Why? Answer is found  here.

5.  Internet.

6.  Our recently dead broken washing machine.

7.  My two live-in nannies, Ate Cha and Ate Janice.

Ate Cha with Ayana Rhys

8.  Wet wipes.

9.  The Dancing Traffic Enforcer. This one is about an inspiring person named Ramiro Hinojas.

10. The 10 Beautiful Women in My Life.


What’s/Who’s on your list? 🙂


40 thoughts on “The Good Life. :)

  1. I remember in Manila at the drugstore antibacterials and wipes had a whole section dedicated to them. And they made yours and Janice’s list! I have never met a nation as tidy and clean and being proud about their appearance as Filipinos. When I walked into the CR at the mall and everyone was brushing their teeth I felt like I finally found home 😉
    We only have one bridge connecting us to mainland. It is like the internet, hard to live without 🙂 Hope you washing machine is mended soon!!

    • I can relate to the brushing of teeth. When I was in Japan, we’ve been asked a lot of times, why we always brush our teeth. 🙂 I suppose the standard is 2 times a day but for some of us, it means every time we eat sweets. 🙂

  2. I am so with you on modern plumbing and running water. I think all the time about what a lucky world we live in where with one little flush the craziness that our bodies produce is gone from our lives FOR GOOD. The only other thing that comes close is having Waste Management pick up my garbage every Monday morning.

    Great list!

    • Yes to the garbage collection!! I remembered our garbage wasn’t picked up for a week, man, it was so bad! I shudder thinking about it now. To the garbage collectors, thank you!

  3. I love your list and how much of what makes our lives easier is the same. But my imagination was tickled with the mention of the bridges. I too, am connected to where I need to be by bridges, but I never stop to be grateful for them, I only complain when they are under construction. I appreciate your take on it all. Ellen

  4. I’m so glad you mentioned water. Sometimes I think about it when I get a drink of water for one of my kids in the middle of the night. It’s so convenient to turn on the faucet.
    I live in a city with many bridges and I have to cross one every day to go to and from work. It would be a good list item for me, too!
    Great list!

  5. Water…and that it is warm when we take a shower. I never take that for granted. And I love the image about the bridge. I bet that did make such a difference in your life.

  6. It’s amazing what we take for granted. When we were in Denmark, we had a European style washer dryer that didn’t dry ANYTHING, and I used to complain about it like crazy… and then I consider not having running water and oh, I am SO spoiled!! Great list!

    • Yes 2 nannies but it gets tricky though. Some are just in it for the money without really caring for the kids, it takes diligence too to pick the good ones. Thanks for commenting Jen!

  7. Aww, weren’t you a cutie! Now we know where your daughters get their cuteness from. Running water is a wonderful luxury but in NY we have to pay for it. Now that my husband’s doing the dishes our bill is $489 US dollars! (That’s quarterly). Well, at least he’s doing the dishes, right? Great list, Ava.

  8. True, that running, clean water is a gift. I’m grateful for all the things that Canada offers in a land of political peace.

    I am grateful for being Canadian and know that the Canadian passport is a very valued thing world-wide.

    Though it is a hassle to have winters in the province where I am right now that are very cold and icy/snowy, I am grateful for 4 distinct seasons of Nature –in all her glory of colours, temperature changes, etc.

    It is spring-like for now…who knows it might snow for a freakish day in the summer. It has happened.

    • Yay to the 4 distinct seasons of Nature. We only have the dry and the wet season here. I was blessed to be able to experience the 4 seasons in Japan and for it I am very grateful. Nice list too Jean! 🙂

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