10 Reasons Being A Kid Rocks

Hello Monday!

Stasha the List Master thought of this week’s topic, ten reasons why being a child is great.

From my two beautiful girls, here’s why:

1. You can go skinny dipping anytime. Anywhere.

Skinny dipping.

2. Or go topless.

Topless @ Bohol Tropics.

3. Eating messy is cute. The messier the cuter you get.

Messy Ayana Rhys.

4. Sticking your tongue out is cute. You are not called childish. (ha!)

Doing it before.

Doing it still.

5. Meeting someone new is never complicated. It is easy.


6. Telling someone you don’t like him/her is not hard either.

No. Thank you.

7. You can wear leggings anytime, anywhere, everywhere and get away with it.

Leggings at home.


Leggings at the mall.

Check out the girl with the white/pink stripes leggings, yep! That's my Mikaela.

Leggings-less at a McDonald's kiddie party?


8. Because finding a cute crab is just about THE only hardest thing to do.

With their Pa. One early morning, trying their best to find the cutest crab there is!

9. And finally finding one, is the best-est feeling ever!

Finally found one!

10. Everything is new! Anything is possible! It is a magical place. To be a kid.


46 thoughts on “10 Reasons Being A Kid Rocks

    • It sure is B! Before, she wears pajamas to bed but now, leggings and only leggings all the time! Where did she get this from? I have truly no idea.

  1. This is my 6th attempt to post a comment, so if this shows up 6x’s – sorry!

    Bravo! on your list. Although, eating messy is really cuter on girls than it is on boys since they never grow out of it. Ha! Honestly, I hope Mikaela never grows out of her leggings fetish. Never!

    • I’m glad this comment went through. I know it can get frustrating, these network glitches sometimes.

      Hahaha! Okay now messy boys are cute too! Come on, admit it! I think it’s probably because girls are a novelty to you, factoring in your being outnumbered in the house, so… 🙂

      As for Mikaela letting up on her leggings fetish, let’s see. So far, it is as strong as ever. She doesn’t give an inch, shopping for her is a breeze.

    • Ditto! With all the adult filters we have, we just make things harder on ourselves. Thanks Sharon! (BTW, my bff’s name is Sharon too, so I like you already! :))

  2. Aww…what a nice post. So true about meeting new people and their candid ways of telling someone off as it is, and probably still remain friends even after not liking that person.

    This is so cute. 🙂

    • So true Jan! It never fails to amaze me how they do it, all the time. They fight and disagree and in a matter of minutes they are bestfriends again.
      So glad you stopped by. Kisses to your unica hija Unakin!

  3. Absolutely TRUE on every account! I am sure this is my favorite list of all! I’m also pretty sure that most of these Mom can get away with simply because she is a Mom of a kid that rocks!

    • Awww.. Thanks Ducky! And here’s a little something for you.
      May you always wear the most appropriate footwear wherever, whatever, whenever! 🙂

    • Heya Paul! Happy to see you here again. Yes, it is a bit sad. My wish is for us(so called adults) to always have that place and time where we can be child-like, carefree and deriving happiness in the simple joys of living. Oh my, I sound so maudlin. Sorry. 😉

  4. All the pictures are cute, but I especially love the ice cream one and the tongue ones. My boys both stick out their tongues when they are concentrating on something, and so far it is still so freaking adorable!

    • Yep! And here I thought it’s just my Ayana who looks cute with her sticking tongue out routine.
      Cheers to all the cute little girls and yummy little dudes out there! 🙂
      Thanks for the comment Stacey.

  5. Love your pictures! I wish I could be cute with a messy face, but you’re right….just works on kids. And the leggings cracked me up. I wish I had the bravery to put together some of the outfits my daughter does. She’s certainly….creative. 🙂

  6. OMG !!! How did I miss this post ???!!! Have I told you how frickin cute your girls are ??? Love that one with the ice-cream. And the “skinny dipping” one. Wait. I love them all !!!

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