10 Things Women

This week’s topic was suggested by the List Master Stasha at The Good Life.  List 10 things women to commemorate the International Women’s Day last March 8.


Bridget at Twinisms, have come up with a super cool idea, 10 Awesome Quotes By Women.

Ado at The Momalog, made our heads churn with trying to identify the 10 women in history whom she admire. I was only able to correctly identify Julia Butterfly Hill (thanks to Ado’s previous post), Princess Di and Audrey Hepburn.

Kim at The G Is Silent, have come with a very insightful, honest and yes hilarious list, Ten Things Women.

So pressure, pressure. 🙂

Then finally I decided on this.

Friends, meet and greet the 10 Beautiful Women in My Life:

1. Sharon Georgette. Bestfriend. The witty-comeback queen. Walking encyclopedia. Sky high IQ. Staunch supporter. From her I learned that the bonds made by the heart is the most enduring kind.

With Sha0i at What Love Is Concert.

2. Dionedylle Melody. Bestfriend. Officemate. The girl with the sweetest smile I know. From her I learned to have grace and beauty under pressure.

With Meloi. At the company beach party.

3. Stella Marie. Sister. My sister not by blood but by bond. Bubbly. Honest. She reminds me of myself at times and I nurture and value the special big sister/small sister relationship we have and more. From her I learned to be more bubbly and open.

With Stella Marie at her wedding day. Me on the right. Her best girl.

4. Sis. Rose Ann, OSB. Spiritual adviser. Friend. From her I learned selfless service and real active alive faith.

With Ate Joy. On one of her house visits.

5. Nerissa. My Stepmom. She redefined the word accepting and compassion. She accepted us (my twin sister and I) with open arms and heart. From her I learned that love doesn’t put labels.

Mama Inday with the biggest heart.

6. Rosalinda. My Mother-In-Law. To her I am eternally grateful, for raising such a good and loving son. From her I learned temperance and tranquility.

With Nanay Linda at St. Michael's church Iligan City. With us is Michael III (dear husband is Michael I) and Ayana Rhys.

7. Epifania. My Auntie. Educator. Charity-cases magnet. She can’t help but extend her time, money, heart to those who are in need. From her I learned my love for reading and so much more.

Nanay Panyang and me. At Danna's (sister) Pinning ceremony.

8. Nanette Lyn. My Twin Sister. I will always have someone who will have my back no matter what.

Sisterhood. Nanette on the black/purple dress and Danna our little sister.

9. Teofania. My Mama. Fashionista. Fighter. She gave birth to us at 22, unwed. Her life’s adventures are tv series worthy. From her I learned to be strong and brave.

My loyal fan.

10. Presentacion. My Grandma. To her I owe my life. I miss you so much Lola. Thank you for all the love, the support, the care. I am what I am today because of you. My earliest memories were that associated with you. You, making sure I have a blanket on when it is cold. You, buying me a gift when I placed first honor in class, you, bringing us to summer vacations at the place you grew up in. Those were just some of the best memories I have of you and thinking about it now makes me cry. I missed you so so much. Wherever you are now, I hope you are happy. I love you.

Lola and Mikaela

How about you? Who are the 10 beautiful women in your life?


15 thoughts on “10 Things Women

  1. This is my favorite post of yours and the listicle that brought the strongest emotion. I am so happy you have such beautiful women in life to share and learn from, look up to and love.
    Thank you for sharing. PS you all are a bunch of stunning ladies. But Lola had the most beautiful and happy smile!

  2. Aw, Ava. You’ve brought tears to my eyes with this post. So, so beautiful. The tributes are so heartfelt and the photos have all captured such precious moments. You certainly have a strong support network of vibrant, smart gorgeous women. Your Grandma looked like she was a really sweet lady. I’m sure her spirit lives on in you and your lovely daughters.
    Thanks for sharing, my friend xxx

  3. This was the sweetest of the 10 Things Women list. What a great tribute! You and your sisters are worthy of a reality show and your moms (all three) really rock. Someday, your daughters will make it – when they’re women, of course. Bravo, on this list!

  4. A lovely tribute, Ava. One of the women on my list, would be a sister (I have 4) who died a few yrs. ago. She was 1 yr. younger than I. Mother of 2 beautiful adult children.

    Will get to this list later. 🙂

    You ought to write more about your mother. She seems like an interesting person.

  5. 2,3,4 I would add my 3 sisters to this list. They are all younger than 1. I’ve mentioned some of them in my comments on your blog.

    5. Madeline- Who is (I think) over 73 yrs. old. She is a friend and mentor to me..professionally. I worked for her in my first professional job after university. By being herself , she taught me how to carry myself professionally, how to network through the professional associations. She is elegant and gracious in her demeanor. A single woman and no children, her whole life but she always led a rich life of friends, lifelong learning and travel. A number of men have been interested in her but her mind and spirit was always strong and independent. She stopped smoking about 15 yrs. ago (thank goodness)

    6. My mother- @ 78 who raised 6 children, was a picture bride and yes, she knows she is very lucky to have married a guy like my father who treated her well.

    I have a number of close female friends …friendships that have lasted over the past 30 yrs.

    • Yes, I know your sisters from your comments, yes!

      Madeline wow, I would aspire to be her too.

      Your mom, have my whole hearted respect and awe. Raising 6 children, what an accomplishment! I am very sure she is very proud of all of you Jean.

      And your father, super cool Dad.

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  8. Please help me find the “superLIKE” button and please click it for me. This is something I like about writing. You get a chance to say things that remind others of things worth keeping and loving… the family. keep on writing!

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