My SarahG fever.

Okay, I know I may be risking my “intellectual, cool” image I’m trying to project here on my humble blog site,  but this post is really a test, I probably will be losing some readers (as if I have a lot of readers), but for those who will still stick around, thank you! Okay.

Friends, I implore you, just indulge me. This is just one of my guilty pleasures for now and a kind of therapy for de-stressing.

I am just really bursting with enthusiasm and passion for this certain girl now.

I have already mentioned my admiration for this girl on this post, What Love Is – Sarah Geronimo and Martin Nievera Cebu Concert, but back then, the fire is set on low setting. Yet.

I know Sarah way before, but I’m not really a fan. One day, while watching a really then, big lunch time show in ABS-CBN, I noticed, every contestant (young and old), when asked who their favorite singer is, 98% of the time, they say Sarah Geronimo. Back then, I was really wondering why a lot of Filipinos idolized this girl. But now, I think I know better.

A quick back story.


I am not really an avid Philippine showbiz follower nor a tv buff except when I was on maternity leave, when I gave birth to my second baby, Ayana Rhys on October. In the Philippines we get 60 days of maternity leave for normal birth and for ceasarian section delivery, 78 days. Yes, only 2 months and short of 3 months, respectively. Sad, but we get by. I hope someday, someone will change this. It was October also when the Pinoy Big Brother Double Up (Pinoy Edition) second season aired and I was hooked on the show. It was my passionate interest about a certain couple there the MELASON that sparked my interest again on the local showbiz scene. I was obsessed with reading anything Melason, scouring twitterlandia and the internet with anything Melason. And then, I went back to work. I still see the Melason on tv and I still love them but I wasn’t so obsessed with stalking them anymore. Unfortunately they broke up, I just hope that they will find their way back in each other’s arms and hearts again.


I came across the tandem of Xian Lim and Kim Chiu on one tv series My Binondo Girl. They have chemistry and I wouldn’t mind if it translates to real life but when the show ended I also lost interest. I wasn’t an obsessed stalker, but I admire them. Two young talented people.


Now last March 4, I was able to see the second episode of Sarah G Live (a 1-hour program with a sing and dance format performed live but the Pop Star Princess Sarah herself, a very good way to show off and show case this amazing girl’s talent!) and got to see Gerald Anderson, (the wikipedia info is not really comprehensive) an equally talented young Filipino actor, surprised her. It was so sweet and I was thrilled to see them on the stage. Sarah sung Barbra Streisand’s All My Life song. Oh the first blush of love. So, basically, because of that episode I again am back to scouring the internet and twitterland and youtube for anything Sarah and Gerald. I know they are two really good beautiful people, inside and out.

And then, to show my appreciation, and I was thinking, I may be able to help their careers in some small way by blogging about them and it would most definitely translate to boosting the Philippine showbiz industry, ergo, contributing something good to the country ;), so here, I have created a new page My SarahG Fan Page. First post for the fanpage, is my transciption of Gerald’s interview on the Buzz, March 11, 2012, here.

To the Popsters and all the SarahG fans in the world, to the AshRalds, you are welcome. 😉

To my silent readers, and my bloggy friends outside of the Philippines, indulge me, please. 😉


6 thoughts on “My SarahG fever.

    • 6 weeks? Sure? Not six months? That sucks. I think European countries have the best maternity leaves/paternity/parental leaves policy. I’ll google it now.

  1. Okay, Ava…this one time…I will indulge you 🙂 But hey, I can’t talk. I was mad on Duran Duran when I was a teenager. And don’t tell anyone, but…I follow John Taylor (the bassist) on FaceBook. Indulge me, please 😉

  2. My mom would call you “mee-ha” but I think that term is as old as her. Look at you, you dreamy-eyed pop star chaser – it’s so cute you blame it on your maternity leave. By the way, a company can’t FIRE a woman on maternity leave before three months but that doesn’t mean much else as far as job security.

    • Awww.. I’ll take this as a compliment friend. Thank you!
      Blamed it on the maternity leave, then you saw right through me! Crap. I thought I was pretty slick about it. Hahaha!

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