Things I’m Rubbish At

Monday again! Okay, this is a “delayed telecast”, sorry! I am literally swimming in workloads, emails and process documents to review for the TS16949 internal audit. Anyho, head out to the List Master Stasha at The Good Life. This week’s easy list is courtesy of Jessica.


Things I Suck At

1. Cleaning shoes and sandals. A usual sore point between dear husband and me. I usually wait for him to be so bothered that he can’t help but clean it for me (mine and the kids’). So far, a pretty effective technique. 😉

2. House beautification stuff. No natural inclination whatsoever. Again, I leave it to dear husband. So far, I count one instance of buying 2 sets of curtains without dear husband’s prodding and I feel pretty smug about this accomplishment. It was four years ago. 

3. Make-ups. It means, lipstick and pressed powder.

4. Playing with the 2 kiddos. Another husband forte. He loves playing with the 2 girls, I’m blessed! Typical scenario, husband + kids horsing around, me? at the corner reading a book or surfing the net.

5. Cooking. I really was very grateful for ready-to-eat meals at Daie, a store near the apartment I live, when I was at Hiroshima, Japan for 9 months. Although I have some help with my then boyfriend turned husband, he sends me very detailed funny step by step email instructions on cooking a dish, I found out that cooking is just not my thing. Give me loads of dirty dishes anytime, I’ll clean it for you in exchange of a meal. 

6. Homeworks/Crafting. Husband duty.

7. Shopping. Unless with girlfriends, I’d gladly pass.

8. Anticipating. If I have to see a movie, I have to read the summary or synopsis first. I have to know the plot, the twists. I suck at anticipating.

9. Choosing gifts. I can’t for the life of me get creative with gifts. It must be because of the “zero craftiness” abilities.

10. Eating! I eat like a bird, a small bird. Aside from cleaning my shoes/sandals, this is one thing I have to contend often with my husband. I tried multivitamins to boost my appetite, it worked only for the first few weeks. Eating at eat-all-you-can restaurants for me is always a rip-off!


19 thoughts on “Things I’m Rubbish At

  1. When I was little I ate like a bird and doctor said to have some red wine before dinner to open my appetite… I am not at all eating like a bird anymore 😉
    I usually read the last few pages of the book after the first few chapters. I know, terrible. Please don’t tell on me.

    • Red wine? I’ll look into this soon.

      Haha! I don’t actually read the last pages but I do know the general plot already, well, most of the times.

    • He does have merits. But when I start talking about the latest book I read, zzzzzzzzzz, no one’s there!

      About the gift-giving, would you believe that we only started giving our Christmas gifts to our gazillion godchildren last week and we are not yet done, only 5 out of 30!

  2. Don’t you love Japanese convenience stores ??? They would save me from hunger on many an occasion 🙂
    But I have to ask, Ava…how can you be Filipina and eat like a bird ??? You guys have the BEST food !!! I just don’t get it 😉

  3. I had to learn on the house beautification stuff. We lived for years with the same curtains that were there when we bought our first house till it occurred to me — Jamie, you can have whatever you want hanging at your windows. And I never had the eat like a bird problem…But that’s probably a lot better than really overeating all the time.

  4. Well you are not pretty bad considering we are on the same plate except for 1, 7, 8 and 10. Yep I do remember you eat like a bird back in highschool. Hahaha.

    • Day, glad to see you here! 🙂 Walay pag-asenso, mao ra gihapon ko, gamay ug kaon. One of the things I like being pregnant is the appetite boost. Now, I am back to being underweight. I try. I do really try.

    • True, that! Hahaha, My sister-in-law (dear husband’s older sister), one time said, “Bro, you picked a really nice wife, not shopaholic, no fondness for make-ups, bags/shoes, and eats so little! A low-maintenance wife!”

  5. He is much neater than me by nature. He makes up all sorts of salads naturally and it tastes great, including making up salad dressings. Whereas I make up stir-fry dishes naturally and he doesn’t. He makes up great red beet soups, other pureed root vegetable soups (butternut squash, carrot, celery root soups) whereas I’m better making focaccia or pizza from scratch, including making the dough.

    So we figure it..but he’s still better at cleaning than me.

    My 83 yr. father does help my mother with house chores after he retired at 65.

    Looking good to me..means keeping reasonably fit and healthy. I haven’t worn make-up even to work for past ….um 2 yrs. And I attend meetings with managers. Make-up accentuates fine wrinkles when you age.

    So I don’t bother.

    Great that some women enjoy shopping with other women. I don’t except maybe follow around a sister or 2 when I visit once a year in the grocery store. That’s just squeezing in time with us spending time together while they run around city doing chores on weekends when not at work.

    I actually always preferred clothes shopping by myself. I take a LONG time to try clothing and buying. I need to think in peace…and then jump onto the bike to cycle home with my packages. 🙂

  6. Hahaha, another make-up non-fan? But I really love to give it a go or at least try to wear make-up Ms. Jean, because I haven’t tried wearing everyday make-up in my life and I will be 32 this August. I’d like to give it a try and see how it pans out. But no time. Or just lazy. I think both.

    I love the husband complement thing. I am also very blessed to have found my complement too. My best is his worst and my worst is his best, 95% of the time.

    Yes, shopping alone is way way better than shopping with my dear husband.

    • Dearie is wonderful enough that on the rare occasion he does wait for me to try on a top, etc. at store. It’s usually when we are travelliing outside of Canada. But no, I don’t want to waste other people’s time while I preen around in the change room mirrors with new store clothing.

      I just turned….53 this year, ava. So not wearing make-up taking on the badge of honour that a woman should (I stress here) become confident in herself. Instead I focus on getting haircut, etc. My oldest niece is 26 yrs. 😉

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