Another reason to enjoy the beach, the sand and sun – Class Reunions.

Monday is here again! Head over at Stasha’s The Good Life and check out this week’s topic by Rachel,

List the top ten pros/cons of attending your class reunion.

1. You get to re-connect with your friends you haven’t seen for ages. ( yah, duh, obviously!)

2. You get to see how the years treated your classmates! (this is something to look forward to! *smirk* ;))

3. Reminisce. Reminiscing with the actual participants of fun high school memories are more rewarding!

4. Brag Exchange child/ren stories.

5.  Count the number of times you hear “Hey, you still look the same.”  (Well at least I hope, they meant physically.)

6.  Networking! (With all the catching-up you’d be bound to touch on who’s the best pediatrician, dentist, best schools, etc. for future reference.)

7. A good reason to dress up and look pretty!

8. Show off your handsome husband and equally cute kids. (juvenile? you betcha :))

9. Another reason to enjoy the beach, the sand and sun. (I live on an archipelago with 7,107 islands, and I actually live in a smaller island called Lapu-Lapu, so invariably, the reunion is at one beach resort or another.)

10. The best reason is you get to physically hug and kiss those gems of people you have come to love and respect! Regardless of the time you’ve had no contact, the bond is still tangible and there, like it was just yesterday.


25 thoughts on “Another reason to enjoy the beach, the sand and sun – Class Reunions.

  1. You make it sound like so much fun, makes me wish I graduated High School. Then again, I dropped out because my friends were such losers – ha, ha, ha!

    • Did you mean the friends’ whom you’ve volleyed with the word “evisceration”?
      I think they are pretty cool. 😉
      Honestly, I had more fun on college days but I have beautiful high school memories.

  2. How about a reunion to get some people that you’ve always liked, to think about things differently with them?

    I have nothing to show off but have accomplished much and maybe that’s why I’ve lost touch with all my high school friends except for 1. I have nothing in common with them anymore. And haven’t for several decades. I only went to my high school reunion once..just a few years after leaving. Then didn’t go to one 25 yrs. later because I moved several thousand km. away. (Canada is huge.)

    As for university, I still am good friends with 3 people nearly 30 yrs. ago..So it’s not a reunion at all. All separate. Yes, my university has alumni groups that do stuff worldwide, but I’ve never gone.

    I have nothing visibly to show off …after all, 2 university degrees don’t show physically on a woman do they? But the degrees …and my bike probably have given me independence and mobility as well as giving me good health and fun.

    Celebrate the health of your classmates..that they are alive. Not how they look.

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