I Have 2 Live-in Nannies To Do My Chores. Thank you.

It’s been awhile since I’ve  linked up with Stasha at The Good Life for the weekly 10 Monday Listicles. The topic chosen by Wendy this week, was easy peasy, so I’m joining in. 

Although, I have to tell you, I have 2 live-in nannies and they basically do all the household chores, but still, I’m conjuring up my memories of nanny-free days for this post. And I have to add, I don’t hate cleaning our room from ceiling to floor, go through all the nooks and crannies, but cleaning the WHOLE house is an entirely different matter which I whole-heartedly entrust to my more than willing and capable husband. Thank you.

10 things I would rather be doing than cleaning the house

1. Read. Now, if only there’s a way to read not using the eyes and hands and just sit on a comfy chair. I know there are audio books, which I haven’t tried yet and I really ought to really try ASAP.

2. Sleep.

3. Blog hop/read.

4. Check Facebook.

5. Videoke. We have our own portable videoke player so I’m very much covered. 😉

6. Watch my 2 girls play. Watch is the operative verb. Don’t hate me so much but you really need lots and lots of energy with play sessions with a 4.5 and a 2.3 boundless source of energies, and right now, I need all the R&R I could get. It’s the PMS.

7. Read recaps on my current fave Korean dramas at Dramabeans.

8. Watch Korean dramas on DVD.  I have to thank the universe because my love for Korean dramas is now rubbing off my husband. Our weekly night dates with Lee Min Ho in City Hunter is one of the best dates ever, currently, we are on episode 16 out of 20. We see as many episodes as possible, between Mikaela and Ayana Rhys’  Backyardigans and Pororo movie marathon.

9. Watch Bones Season 7 on DVD.

10. Sleep.


16 thoughts on “I Have 2 Live-in Nannies To Do My Chores. Thank you.

  1. Something tells me you need a little sleep – ha, ha! What is it about Korean dramas? My mom’s hooked on them, too. It’s the new Bollywood.

    • Result of watching Korean dramas way past 12midnight, that’s why.

      What about Kdramas? Well, for one thing they are relatively short, ranging from 16-20 or 22 episodes, mostly, although they do have the long running series.

      I believe it is the new Bollywood!

    • Hahaha! When you have some time, try Kdramas. 🙂 I’m glad to be back linking up. As for work, suffice it to say I’d like to have someone’s head in a platter. Hahaha! Seriously, I’m good, except for the two girls slight colds and cough, life is pretty good! Thanks for asking Stasha!

  2. live-in nannies/help!!! i can only dream of having one again. i work 5 days a week and spend my saturdays cleaning and sundays relaxing – if i get lucky.

  3. Interesting. I’m not a parent and my partner did share joint custody with his ex-wife for their 2 children after their divorce. Now that is not necessary because both children are in ….their early 30’s! (My partner will be a grandparent for 2nd time soon.).

    None of my 3 sisters had /have live-in nanny help. That said, 2 sisters each have a mother-in-law or parents-in-law who occasionally take upon childcare. One sister’s mother-in-law actually drives 100 km. from her home about 1-2 times per month to do this because she wants to. (I’m sure there is some courtesy payment to her for this.) But none of the parent-in-laws are expected to clean the house.

    A sister with 2 kids under 4 yrs., is a physician but she chooses to work part-time. She drives 80 km. one way to a hospital to work. Her hubby is a restaurant cook at a restaurant in the neighbourhood. Yes, it helps that a doctor earns enough that she can choose. But she and hubby really do want to be the prime influencers on their children.

    Another sister with 3 kids under 14 yrs., scaled down to 25 hrs. /wk., from full-time. She is hospital pharmacist. Her hubby is a lawyer. They just have a housecleaner spend about 4 hrs. /wk. to do some limited cleaning. But her house is still a jumbly mess in some rms. I’m sure they could afford a housecleaner for more hrs. but they don’t want to spend money in that money.

    So they set their priorities. Their weekends are spent driving and being with their kids who are enrolled in soccer (during warm season), ice hockey (including my niece) and gymnastics (niece again. She is in 2 sports). I stay with each sister when I visit, so I know how busy they are. And I’m impressed.

    My parents are not involved in child care simply because their health isn’t great and grandkids don’t know enough Chinese to be with my mother full-time. Beside my mother is not a “playing” type of caretaker. It’s just her.

    If you can have 2 nannies great. Just consider yourself lucky. I think 2 nannies in Canada would cost more (our wages are higher) and so one would have to be very wealthy or …in caregiver fee debt!

    • I really like your comments Ms. Jean because I get to glimpse how things are in your country.
      You actually have pierced the matter in the heart
      Personally, I am one of the parents who would love to be at home with my kids but economically hiring help is much affordable than me to stop working. In our case, quality time is our motto, I consider ourselves (husband and I), very hands-on parents. It it really a matter of doing the best we can for our children. And I have to add, looking for a good live-in househelp/nanny is so hard. We have had our share of, let’s say, not good nannies. I am very much grateful for our two helps now, we treat them like family too.

  4. Live in nannies? Now that’s just cool. I don’t now know, nor have I ever known anyone with live in employees. There’s a first time for everything! 🙂 I think I thought it was just on the movie the nanny diaries. I’ve haven’t watched Korean dramas either. No one around here but me even knows what bollywood is so I think my area is just trapped in a time warp!

    • Top 10 songs? And then my own recorded version! That’s a very promising blog post material Grace-ie! 😉
      Well for now, my favorites are:
      1. Go On Girl by Neyo
      2. Angels Cry by Mariah Carey
      3. First Love by Utada Hikaru
      4. Breakeven by The Script
      5. Somewhere in the Middle by Dishwalla

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