Hearts Day!

Happy Hearts’ Day everyone! 🙂

My entry is going to be lame, just the office activity stuff, compared to Nami’s I 8 Your Heart , Grace’s The Same Man, Kim’s Special and Bridget’s Our Love Story, mine is so-so.

But I know my officemates who are assigned abroad are going to read this post, I want to say “Hi, to the guys and girls in Korea”, “Hello to those in Germany”, “Heya to those in the US of A”, the girls from Brazil are flying home today, still, “Hi!”, for those ex-L__r guys, I hope this little slice of office life here will reduce some of your homesickness and for those who I missed, “HI!!”.

HR have prepared a little something for this day. The uniform code is waived, and everyone is encouraged to wear red. This morning when you enter the office and you have something red on you, the guard will let you pick something from a basket. As usual, I did not win any prize!




Got a picture of you and your partner?

The most romantic and sweet moment captured brings out a perfect gift for you and your partner.


4th – Melita Sebios and husband

3rd – Jennifer Cabigas and husband

2nd – Joseph Chavez and girlfriend

1st – Tiffany Limpangog and husband Vinson, which in the first place, my bet! At least I get to guess the winner correctly. (If you remember, she played Mrs. Santa Claus last December too, check out post here).


I did send my entry which is this.

(I like that dear husband was more concerned about my wedding dress than me, while I, the ungrateful, selfish, camera-hogging wife, couldn’t care less. It is sweet. He is sweet. Too bad the picture contest judge/judges didn’t think so.)

Sweet New Husband. Taken last January 10, 2006, our wedding day. And yes, that's the sea and we are on the sea wall.


This is dear husband’s entry.




Have something RED to wear on Valentine’s Day?

You may be the BEST dressed Male and Female we are looking for.


Male : Sylvester Palomares

Female : Jannes Bacsan



Find a Bear Hugging a Heart!

Look under your chairs or desks and if you find something — a picture of bear hugging a heart with any of these letters

V-A-L-E-N-T-I-N-E-S, you won yourself a prize!

**Look for Armi to claim your prize!



Let’s Match-a-Heart!

Few half hearts under your chairs or desks and only FIVE (5) have a pair!

To the canteen you run and paste and turn ‘til you fit ‘em all…

**if you’ll find a match, please inform Armi and you’ll have your gift!


At lunch time, a slide show of the picture perfect entries and a short film made by the ever talented IMDS people was shown. The short film was so much fun! Kudos to the behind the scenes guys and director Grace and for the actors and actresses, you guys rock! 🙂

The main event is the LOVE FEAST (potluck) meal,  anyone-who-feels-like joining is most welcome! 

After the short picnic, BACK TO WORK! Happy Hearts Day!

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6 thoughts on “Hearts Day!

  1. Ava, how can you say this post is lame ??!!! I loved it ! I especially love that wedding photo of you guys !
    “I like that dear husband was more concerned about my wedding dress than me, while I, the ungrateful, selfish, camera-hogging wife, couldn’t care less.” – I laughed out loud when I read this 🙂

    It most be so nice to spend the day of love with awesome colleagues. And is there ever a photo of a Filipino/a who doesn’t smile ??? You guys are always so happy, it warms my heart…

    Happy (belated) V-day, Ava ! xxx

  2. It seems to me, your office likes to PARRRR-TAY! Don’t you guys ever work? Just kidding. Hope you had a lovely Valentine, and Dear Husband is so cute! Trying to save your dress when you could’ve easily become seafood in white – ha, ha, ha! Makes for a wonderful picture, though. It’s certainly my vote.

  3. @Grace : You are so sweet. It is true about the smiles. When riding public utility vehicles, it is but a common occurrence to have someone belt out/sing-along with what is played on the radio of the vehicle, with no care in the world! Hahaha One fun fact about Filipinos but we do have a lot of negative cultural “predispositions”.

    @Nami : Hahahaha! Paaaaar-ty people in the house!;) We do get our “fun” fixes in simple gatherings like this. Thanks for the vote!

    @Bridget : Thank you for all the “pretty” comments! 😉 I hope you’ll get enough “rest” this week for a re-charged YOU next week!

    @Tricia : Thank you! I’m going there and checking your Bico now!

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