I’ve been tagged!!

This is way cooler than chain emails though. My friend Nami over at The Fire Horse, have come up with these very socially, politically, psychologically relevant questions. Hahaha! To show off some of her genius bloggy friends. 🙂  I’m participating because this is one of the coolest way of getting to know others too! But do brace yourselves for some lousy boring answers. You’re warned! ;p

1. Tattoos: Will they remain fashionable forever? How will you handle your kid getting one? And if you’re kid-less, how would you handle your dog getting one? I think they will remain fashionable forever and about Mikaela and or Ayana Rhys, getting one? I’m cool, theoretically speaking, provided they are over 21 or preferably not living with us anymore. Imagining the needle(s) piercing the skin is giving me goosebumps right now, I’m really super ninny, although, you might think giving birth au naturel twice would mean I can endure any kind of pain, nah.. And if I would have a dog who likes to have one (I’m still trying out some probable scenarios how a dog can/will tell her/his master that she/he likes to have one), I will not allow her/him to have one, I cannot bear to see her/him in pain. Or is there some equivalent epidural for the procedure? If yes, I may re-consider.

2. The worst boss or teacher you ever knew. She was not the worst teacher but with her I associate my most painful embarrassment. I was absent when they discussed the circulatory system, she asked me to stand up and explain it to the whole class the next day, when I did not deliver as expected, I was subjected to the most humiliating experience in my life at age 12. She proceeded to belittle my abilities and intelligence, I could not remember her words but I distinctly remember the feeling. It was bad. I got over it eventually.

3. Who will play you in a movie about your life and how will it end? Kate Beckinsale. It will end with her having toured the world, resting comfortably on the front porch looking at her beautiful children and grandchildren, healthy, happy and oh, a billionaire by all rights.

4. What’s going to be your retired look when you’re as old as Betty White or Dick Clark? Comfortable jeans, cool cotton shirts, chic printed dresses and probably an orthopedic shoes/sandals.

5. You’re allowed to loot for a day – any city, any store and you don’t have to fight zombies or rabid dogs. Uniqlo, no, Guess, or United Colors of Benetton, one thing for sure, I’ll be heading to their pre-teens/kids rack.

6. The world is at peace – what comes next, boredom or mayhem? Boredom.

7. What drink goes best with a luscious sunset? Coconut milk. Heh! 🙂

8. If you could take credit for writing one book, composing one song and accomplishing one life achievement what would they be? The Harry Potter series, Love Moves In Mysterious Ways, finding a cure to breast cancer/cancer.

9. What famous people share your birthday and what traits do you like or dislike that you have in common? Pete Sampras and I are both born on August 12. The thing we have in common is we have sisters who are teachers, this I like. (Lame, I know. Sorry.)

10. A mistake or regret you hope your kids will never repeat.  Not reading books as soon as I can read.

11. You are commissioned to write the story line for “Where The Wild Things Are,” for the screen. Let’s pretend the Spike Jonze version never happened – we never made it to the end, anyway. It would be a lot more like the Underworld and the Resident Evil. (Yes! finally done answering.)

Since this genius can’t really think of some really cool questions, I just leave them to these awesome girls:

Nami, Kim and Bridget.

Drop by their cool blog sites and answer their bloggy homeworks. Your chances of winning the national lotto draw will be higher!

Go on, don’t be shy! 🙂


12 thoughts on “Tagged!

  1. Mission accomplished or Mission Completion if you’re a Little Einsteins fan. Holy Moses, you answered all of them! I do like your answer to #03 – but you’re MUCH prettier thank Kate Beckinsale. Maybe if she’d stop playing a vampire or a vampire slayer all the time.

    And “Where The Wild Things Are” evil-style – that’s pure genius. Of course, the kids wouldn’t be able to see it but who cares? As long as it isn’t boring like the Spike Jonze movie.

    You rock!

  2. I can attest that if you can handle child birth, a tat is nothing. Seriously, I went in expecting major pain and was bracing myself for the worst. Then they started and I was all. “that’s it? really?” They are addicting though. I have one and have my next two planned out. The problem is affording them. The one I have is relatively small and was around $200. My next one looks to run in the $250-300 range. *sigh*

    And your parenthetical conversation about knowing when a dog would want one? Made me laugh out loud.

  3. You share your birthday with Pete “The Piston” Sampras ? That’s cool. If you were only born 12 days later you would’ve been sharing your birthday with me. Not a famous person I know, but you know…hey…that still would’ve been cool 😉

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