My earthquake experience

I don’t know how to begin to describe my earthquake experience today. I still have adrenaline coursing through my veins like now, 1 and a half hour after.

 Earthquake Hits Cebu

We just had lunch and I  just sat down, when the IT Help Desk guys/gals passed by. My first thought was, what the hell are they doing stamping their feet like they are attending a marching parade?

Okay, minus the “hell” which I didn’t really thought, I was about to stand up and check when the ground tremors got stronger.

PTWC Weather Gov

It started mild and then the shaking started getting stronger, Ate Abeth (my seatmate) and I just stared at each other, not saying anything, we both looked at Erwin Buot. (We don’t know, for some reason, we just both look at this funny guy, our in-house stand-up comedian). Then a sound like that of a very angry nasty hail storm erupted. It was the thing that scared me the most.  By this time we hid under our desks.  My mind went blank, frozen by the scary hitting and clanging sound. It was the metal braces above us shaking. I heard someone near me uttered a prayer. Then silence, I reached for my desk phone and about to call home when somebody, my best guess, it was Kuya Bong,  from the ERC (Emergency Response Committee) shouted “GET OUT!”. We went out. No mass hysteria but it was a scary experience for me and for most of the parents who were thinking of their children.

We were outside the building for 30 minutes or so, then, somebody announced that it is safe to go back inside.

We are still on alert  now for some aftershocks.

And yes I did call home on my mobile phone,  to check on the two girls while jogging to get outside, they are alright. Thank you GLOBE telecom for the reliable service. I tried calling my sister’s SUN number but couldn’t get through, tried her GLOBE number and she answered on the third ring.

Thank God nobody was hurt.

I wouldn’t like to delve so much about the incident, maybe later, but right now, I am (pardon the pun), shaken.


Okay I have to include a picture of my officemates who are regular blog readers. It was their idea that I take a picture of them to include here on my blog.

Pardon the smiles. Sometimes the best way to cope in a stressful scary situation is a small dose of humor.


A retake. So to have a picture of the office building included.

How about you?  How did you cope with a stressful/scary possible life threatening situation? What was your experience like?

12 thoughts on “My earthquake experience

  1. like you kabang, i was also very ‘shaken’ despite being miles away from the epicenter. all im thinking about right now is my family back home.
    at least the pic of the smiling Lear peeps gave me a slight dose of relief. 🙂 thanks for this timely blog…

    • Bestra, very thankful jud ko it wasn’t worse than it is jud. About the dose of humor, you are welcome all the time, everytime. Regards Vincent and kisses to your very bright and smart and gwapo boys! 🙂

  2. What an experience. Kahinumdom noun ko bang way back in 1991 I think, katung natumpag ang Hyatt sa Baguio. Grabe pud tung linoga. Nagamit na gyud diay ninyo ang earthquake drill nga Dugay na natong gibuhat diha. Pero Thank God, everyone is ok. Though usa sa akong pag umangkon Kay gipangita pa sa akong mama, duda nila gipahimuslan ang suspension sa klase, nag Internet pa guru.. Hehhe. but am praying that he is safe.

    • Hi Cay!! I missed you! Thank God jud nobody was seriously hurt. Nang, kataw-anan lagi ka musuwat Nang. May potential mag blog. Pag blog Nang pars ma updated pud mis inyong adventure ni Ian diha bah… hehehe

  3. Earthquakes are scarier than zombies. It’s why I’d rather live near a cemetery than in live in San Francisco. Thank God, everybody was okay. Since your co-workers have a sense of humor, you should play the “After Shock Game” – have a shot of whiskey for every after-shock!

  4. Oh, Ava ! That’s so scary !!! The after-shocks can be worse sometimes because they happen so unexpectedly and having them don’t help you recover from the initial earthquake. Thank God everyone’s okay. Take care, my friend !

    • The scariest part for us DH, is not knowing if the kids are okay. Good thing our office is only a 15min. drive from home. Thanks B and I hope you and the kids are safe always too!

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