Oblivious Husband and Filipino Names

A few nights back, a relative of my husband came and visit.  While preparing dinner, the usual chit-chat.  I don’t know the exact names of “visiting auntie’s” children, but I do know most of them through husband’s stories. So, as the gracious host, I politely asked, “Auntie, where does Omek work?”, at which point dear Auntie, gave me a blank stare and prompted me, “Omek”?

Me : Yes.

Again, blank stare, perused mouth, knit brows, cue in the cricket sound, Auntie said, “Omek”?

Me : Yes.

Auntie : Same. Same company…*chatter chatter*

At the first blank stare, I already knew I said something wrong, I sought dear husband’s eyes, but no luck, no help from him. What to expect? He’s deaf!!! Okay, sorry, but I did mentioned before here, his left ear, is a little off (it’s under-developed, all three of them, in case you don’t know, they are triplets). That instant, I wanted to give him a big whack in the forehead for not saving me from my stupid mouth.

So, I did a little sleuthing (admittedly not as professional as Megan’s though) and guess-work base on the ongoing conversations. Eureka! Omek is Auntie’s husband’s name. I thought it was her other son’s name! If I could still blush, I’d be red all over. Omel, is the son’s name. Omek, father name. Check. Check. I should have said, Uncle Omek, omitting the uncle is very impolite. I didn’t bother bringing it up again, I think Auntie is not thinking about it anymore. I hope.  Filipino names are really a different “interesting” matter altogether. Dear husband’s name is Michael I, his triplets’? Michael II and Michael III. I know, right? Checkout some of these posts here and here.

Did you have one of these experiences? Care to share?


11 thoughts on “Oblivious Husband and Filipino Names

  1. bwahaha! been there many times, might be a different situation, but something that’ll give us a thought of whacking ourselves for being so ninny. 😀
    bawi-a ‘my.. for sure she will not forget it. or basin nakasabot nalang sad sya. their fault for changing only a letter of their names.. ahahahah

  2. I can’t tell you how many times my mother screws up people’s names. When she can’t remember, she MAKES one up and calls them that – then she’s puzzled as to why they’re so upset. So, yeah – don’t worry. Perhaps, Dear husband didn’t know it either but in my opinion, he owes you a bouquet of flowers.

    • I like how you describe or tell about your Mom’s “antics” Nami, it brings her to life even just reading about her here. I like her so much! You do love her.

  3. Well, hey, at least he gets to be Michael I! (My instant reaction here, as a fellow Michael, is what the hell they did in elementary school. I was Michael M., but what would the poor kids do if they all had the same last name?)

    Anyway, while Korean names are not… interesting in the way of Philipino names, I have the same difficulty you do sometimes. There are tiny, tiny differences in names that are very easy to mistake, and when you do, you are in for a heap of stink-eye.

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