Computer Coin Machine!

In a third world country, people get quite ingenious in earning money or making businesses work. Bridget, Nami, this is what I’m talking about. (I miss Grace.)

I don’t know if this is truly a Filipino or Pinoy innovation but this is the latest IN thing here in my part of the world. Or maybe not.  I think this has been around for a while now, but during our vacation, I get to actually use one.

It is a computer in a box! Or computer coin machines, or “hulog piso” computer (hulog literally means drop and piso is one Philippine peso coin).

Like in arcades where you have to put tokens to run or use the machines, for this, you put 1 peso or 5 peso coin denominations. One peso will give you 5 minutes or 6 minutes depending on the owners setup, and five peso will give you 20 minutes or 30.

Others have purposely made USB ports inaccessible to prevent viruses. Reasonable but not really for a blogger, like me.


6 thoughts on “Computer Coin Machine!

  1. Now THAT’s what I call a true blogger friend! Thanks for visiting during your vacay – of course, who could resist the lure of that entrance to the internet cafe? Five pesos for 20 minutes is a bargain. Do they bring you free cocktails while you’re on line?

  2. Nami : Friend! I’ve tried so many times commenting on your blogsite but for some reason I could not get through, I have to type really fast the captcha letters, as in really fast to get though. On to the cocktails, Cocktails would be great except the “patrons” are really not the income earning group but school children trying to squeeze the last peso of their not income generating parents.

    Stasha : Thanks for the comment Stasha! 😉

    B : It is good for the kids too, at least the keyboard and the camera is the only thing that presents as possible thing/s to mess up or destroy. 😉

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