I Never

Since I’ve never really given so much thought on raising kids and being a mother (on second thought, who would have? right? Right.), I’m slightly changing I’LL NEVER to I NEVER, for this week’s Monday Listicle of Stasha at  Northwest Mommy, her friend Greta at Not Enough Patience thought of this interesting topic. Some things on this  list is as much a revelation to me as to you dear reader. Again, in no particular order.

1. I never thought I’d be having the hardest of times convincing my daughter to wear other kinds  of clothing aside from leggings.

How Uncool Is This Outfit?

 2. I never in my life thought I’d be shouting too, in frustration after hearing an hour straight crying and whining of two little she devils because they wanted to ride the boat at 7 in the morning when the ship is scheduled to sail at 8pm.

Excited Much

3.  I never thought I’d be waking up at 2 am to nebulize Ayana on her asthma attacks. I never thought she’d be asthmatic considering I’ve  breastfed her for two years, exclusively for 6 months. That ought to count right? Unfortunately, no.

Poor baby.

4.  I never thought I’d be so stupid to not notice how Mikaela’s teeth are already so ruined by the baby milk bottle left on her mouth overnight. This is one of the biggest regret and failure I have yet to pay and suffer.  Okay, sorry for the smile on my face, I can’t actually find a much more fitting picture to illustrate the point I’m making, and besides, I kind of like my smile here. (Yes, I can be selfish and conceited at times.)

Missing four front teeth.

5. It never crossed my mind that one day I’ll be defending myself from dear husband’s accusation that I never take interest on our two girls hair-do’s/hair arrangements and all. There is a perfectly logical explanation for this, I’ve never really ever took care of my hair aside from shampooing and conditioning it every other day, so this thing with the hair does not come naturally to me. Anyhow, I’m doing something about this already.

6. I never thought I’d be having a telephone conversation with a 4-year-old and then hanged up by a four-year old.

Me : Hello, Mikaela?

Mikaela : Ma, you have surprise? ( sometimes we bring a little something to them when we get home from work)

Me : No, what would you….??

Mikaela : *hangs up*

Me : O…k..hay..

7. I never thought I’d feel so frustrated-helpless (oftentimes) being a mom. Take your scenario picks, major meltdowns at weddings, tantrum galore at the mall, shouting matches in the grocery, etc.

Drama Princesses

8.  I never thought picking up toys can be a major source of headache. Come on, how hard could it get, right? No. Try picking toys in all sizes, stuck in a corner, flung under cabinets, in the process of being stuck in a certain 2 year-old’s nose, for 47 times in a day.

9. I never in my life thought how nauseating it is to see a movie for 1,808 times!

10. I never thought I could love my Lola (grandma, God bless her soul) and Mama more. But when I became a mother, I found out I could never love them enough.

Lola and Mikaela


13 thoughts on “I Never

  1. What a sweet list, even with all the troubles you have. Mine is the coolest kid ever but so demanding and inevitably rude in public. I really don’t understand it…
    Lola and M together and what you said is perfect.

    • My kids do that too Stasha! They “act up” in public, i think it’s there passive-aggressive take on autonomy/independence? I really don’t know too. All I know is I’m trying my damnedest to be the best mom I could be.

  2. This is a great list. You’re a great mom, forgive yourself for the teeth. We all make mistakes. I once left Reese in a car, in Georgia, in the March heat for 10 minutes. I forgot he was with me. It makes me cry to think about. But he’s ok, she’ll be ok too. Let it go mama.

  3. Maybe ask your hubby to look after your daughter’s hair –have him occasionally brush their hair or tie it up.

    My mother raised 5 daughters and 1 son (AND my mother herself had 4 sisters and 3 brothers). My father never demanded this from mother. Why? She was TOO BUSY and tired. So my father was wise. He loved his daughters as is.

    So what, she never braided our hair and did all the fussy girl stuff of barettes, ponytails..Over time we learned to do it ourselves…..but she cut our hair short, the rice bowl style until around 8-9 yrs. old. Kids don’t really notice at that age. I was too busy having fun and playing or reading books.

    • Hahaha! Jean, dear husband actually do it, hahaha! I just laugh at him. But you do have a point with the short hairs, that’s exactly the reason why I’m keeping mine short these years (after college days that is).

  4. I love #10! That is classic…never love them enough. My mother still gets on my nerves, especially about the boys but in the end I know it’s because she’s still a mother. Anyway you slice it with extra cheese. You’re a wonderful mommy and seriously, if dear Husband wants them to have a hair-do, he can practice, too.

    • Hi Audrey, thanks for dropping by again! I have made many attempts on commenting to your site but for some reason blogspot is not accepting my comments. Same with my friend Nami’s page, I can’t get my comments thru. Anyhow, I will still be visiting and will attempt to comment some more.

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