How To Write My Name by Mikaela B. Parages

Okay, I know how to write my first name but after letter B dot, it get’s quite confusing.

Here, teacher Princess helped me and wrote my name on the test paper for me.



And then here, I thought, it would be cool to change my last name from Parages (pronounced like Para of para-chute and ges as in hes-itant), to PARES. Forget A and G, I’m sticking with the shortened version PARES.



And again on the Language subject,



I think PAGS is an improvement, don’t you think?



But then again, PAGES is way way cooler than Pags. Alrighty!



4 thoughts on “How To Write My Name by Mikaela B. Parages

  1. Zuki is in second grade and his handwriting isn’t as neat as Mikaela’s! If his name were as tricky to spell as hers, he’d be getting it right around the time he graduates college. Ha, ha! She’s so sweeet!

  2. That is HILARIOUS! But, I’m impressed that she’s in the lines! I can’t wait until my kids are writing and reading!

  3. @Nami : Thanks! The writing practice somehow paid off. 🙂

    @B : I didn’t actually expect the “identity crisis” to be manifesting like this. Hahahaha!

    @Tricia : Her Pa’s a stickler for staying on the lines, his print handwriting is really like a font in Microsoft word, that’s how neat and straight his handwriting is. Me? I’m just glad she made Mikaela for now. 🙂

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