Of White Hair, Sea Water and Ears

A few nights back, to my horror, I saw my first white hair! Ugh! Though not scientifically proven, I believe this has to do with raising stubborn children. And of course, my first spawn born, have a lot to contribute to this inevitable phenomenon of white hairs.

And yes, she still is obsessed with leggings. These are just some of  the leggings we brought to Mindanao on our vacation.

Leggings, anyone?


And this is her, posing. This is her idea of posing.  She practiced and practiced one-eyed winking for days and she finally perfected it. Mentor : Father dearest. 


While she thought she’s Ariel (someone is watching too much of Disney’s The Little Mermaid 1 and 2), doing her own interpretation of “swimming” on ankle high seawater, it is not really surprising to hear her shrilling with outrage “Ma, I can’t hear!”, followed by a very loud “Hello? Hello! Hellloooow!”, then the eventual, “Maaaaaaa!”

Me : Serves you right! I told you to stop lying down and rolling, be careful with the sea water it can get inside your ears! (Sa Bisaya pa, Tagam! Ingon bitaw ko, mag careful, dili mag cgeg ligid-ligid ug higda higda, masudlan nag tubig dagat imong dalunggan!) Hmm. My admonition doesn’t actually sound so bad in English.

I’m not a totally bad Mama, if I were, I’d just let her be,  at least she’ll think twice “swimming and rolling”, no more sand-riddled hair, leggings and shirts. But as it is, she still thinks it’s a waste of time to let the sea and the sand be. For Mikaela, it is a must to roll and roll and flap arms like crazy and kick to your heart’s content on 3-inch-deep sea. At least she’s having a blast and I bet, good memories of this.

Anyhow, I tilted her head to the sides and told her to hop/jump and whacked okay, softly hit her head to drain the seawater.

No more, funny “Hello! Hello? Hellllllllloooow!”  holler from her. It’s her equally funny Pa swiping this line that had me laughing my head off one dusk swim later. 


At least now she had the good sense of using this floatation device as pillow. Bu-bye deaf left ear.


And here’s another one. A picture of my 3 kids. A picture of the 3 contributing factors on my hair turning white. A picture of the 3 loves of my life.


My 3 Kids. (Oh yeah, Mikaela is still wearing leggings.)


And of course, the still, one white hair. For now.



One. For Now.





5 thoughts on “Of White Hair, Sea Water and Ears

  1. Hahaha! First of all loved this post – love that M. is obsessed w. leggings. Remember though: “this too shall pass!” —> the leggings are so easy to pack and once you get used to them she will move onto a different fashion obsession. (-:

    I found my first grey hair at the tender age of 21 while riding in a convertible (my boyfriend found it). I had to stop the car and make him find it for me again as proof I really did have a white hair.

  2. @Ado : Funny! That’s exactly what I did when I found the white hair! I pestered already sleeping dear husband in finding it again for me to show him I have one already! Hahaha!

    @B : She wears it all the time B! At schoool, at home, leggings instead of pajamas, and yes when swimming. Sometimes we could get her to wear some clothes but the hassle of convincing her is sometimes just to much of a bother.

    @Nami : It is a very good idea! I’ve never ever in my life tried highlights! But, I’m scared. I have to think highlights through first or maybe not, let’s see. Foot massages are always a great de-stressing activity.

  3. Hope you enjoy your daughters at this age –it will be a challenge in their teens. 🙂

    Yes, having more than 1 child, can age any parent, but no doubt you are a changed person forever. I just got a few white hairs in past 8 months or so. Alot has happened in life, including loss of a sister.

    But methinks am at a different stage in life than you –no children (my choice and no regrets) and will turn 53 soon.

    I would like to resist any hair colouring/highlights: it’s chemicals added on oneself and costs more money over time. I already spend money on haircuts which am more than willing. I don’t think brown-red / whatever Asian women tend to use, will not flatter me. I’d rather focus on exercise and other activities for my health. Like you have never coloured my hair.

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