Happy Anniversary!

Today’s our 6th wedding anniversary! And I don’t know where I put our digital copies of the videos and pictures of the wedding. Such a damper.

Anyhow, today also is my 1st blogging anniversary! But this will not be a sappy post, instead, I’ll try to share a video of my 2 girls to show for the 6 years of marriage and 1 year of blogging. This blog is about them and for them, after all.

And, to the good friends I found here in the blogosphere, this is a toast to you too!

Happy anniversary to us!

Dancing Mikaela and Ayana Rhys.mp4

P.S. Do notify me if the link won’t work. *wink*


4 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary!

  1. @B : Thanks! :) I'm happy to know that you heard my voice now, too.

    @Nami : Hahaha! I am? Thanks! Notice Ayana Rhys, she's just actually following her big sister, this is about the only listening that's happening in our household, only when dancing. :)

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