Monday Listicles

Since I only have worked for the same company short of 9 years now,  this will be my Top Ten  (odd/unusual/funny/interesting) job experience list.

The list topic is from  Squashed Mama and like Stasha at Northwest Mommy I made a twist on this week’s listicles since I’ve only ever been an Engineer and then wife and mom.

1. I take naps on the company SUV.

*Okay, when I started I was a plant support engineer. I go to the manufacturing plant to attend wire harness review and since the manufacturing plants are 20 minutes of so drive from the Engineering center where I report, thus, the cat naps.

2. I compare part by part each wire harness components (each connector,  each terminal, each tape, each tube, each clip/retainer, etc.)  to the actual part on the materials receiving area. Good thing if your assigned harness are small harness like doors or tailgate harnesses. Try the Instrument Cluster or the Floor or Main harness. Good luck! But it was a good experience!

3. I wear plastic goggles the kind with the nerdy black or blue plastic pipings. It is a safety must when entering the manufacturing area. But these days, the engineers wear a much cooler shades-like version of the plastic goggles.

4. I have had the experience to work with counterparts from all over the globe. North Americans, Japanese, French, Swedish, Germans, Romanian, British, Mexicans. I may have forgotten some though.

5. I’ve been moved or assigned seats around 20 times already. Average of 2 seat movements a year. Probably this June we’ll have another seating re-arrangement.

6. We have a 24-hour bereavement leave in the event one of our family dies (knock on wood), but with this guidelines:

Single : parents, brothers, sisters

Married : spouse, children, parents, in-laws.

So apparently if you get married, you will not be brothers or sisters with your siblings, anymore? HR has to re-think this policy.

7. While my company is not perfect, we do have lots and lots of fun activities. Check here, here and here.

8. I’ve had the chance to support a Mazda program for 9 months at Hiroshima, Japan. Some of my colleagues actually have a lot more travel opportunities but I’m happy to stay put for now.

9. We were issued bikes not cars on Japan. So you are in big trouble if you don’t know how to ride a bicycle. We do have a transportation allowance though, so you can ride the bus or taxi cabs.

10. I’m cheating, this is not my experience but an office mate’s, one time she was on a graveyard shift, she noticed on her table mirror someone passed by her back, but when she looked, there was no one there. Eeeeeeee!


6 thoughts on “Monday Listicles

  1. I like this list – it’s sort of like my resume. I guess this sort of proves that Asian people don’t really “job-hop”. They stay even when they’re dead, as your last one shows.

  2. @Stasha : It is bizarre and I really hope they can fix it this year.

    @B : Yep, I like it here B but my 9 years is a lark compared to the 20-year awardee they have honored two christmas parties ago. There truly are 22 years of service employees here in the company.

    @Nami : Bwahahahaha! I don’t drink coffee but if I were, I’d be wiping spilled-sprayed coffee on my monitor now, reading this! Hahaha! You could say that again. But on a serious note, with my 9 years stay, we have lost 2 associates to cardiac arrest, one happened in the canteen and last year a manager died on her bathroom. It’s sad but on an upnote, no sightings of them roaming the office so far. May they rest in peace.

    • Hi Audrey! Thanks for dropping by. I tried commenting at your site but still no success. For some reason, I always have trouble with blogspot commenting. I’ll be back. 🙂

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