Picture Tuesday : The Christmas Meal Edition

So, I’m doing this post in answer to Ms. Jean’s of Cycle Write Blog post about what they’ll be having as Christmas meal. Ms. Jean, this is not as informative as your entry, but here goes.

Our humble Christmas Meal

There are crabs, an already eaten roasted chicken, spaghetti, marble cake (home-made not by me obviously but by my sister-in-law, Nang Ann, Michael’s older sister), sliced bread, tuna roll in the middle, the seasonal fruits, mangoes and oranges, an already opened red wine (which of course I did not even respected by drinking at least a glass, yah I know I’m boring B), and an almost empty bottle of coke. Typically, this is what an average Filipino Christmas meal is or at least  a slight variation to this. It is also common to see lechon or roasted pig on noche buena or any other noteworthy celebration in a Filipino table. We had a whole lechon on December 23 and another on the 27th, so, it was more than enough, thank you!

Image taken :  http://cebucity.olx.com.ph/pictures/eli-s-lechon-cebu-iid-183729104

A side note on the crabs, I was stupid enough to eat more than enough last year. The result? Allergies. Tsk..tsk.. I was careful this time, two crabs tops in one sitting.

And here’s another picture of the family (dear husband’s side):

From L-R, Era (niece), Nanay Linda (mom), Michael 3 (dear husband is Michael 1), Mary Ann (older sister), one nephew hidden Eiffel, without shirt man is Marlon (youngest brother) and his wife in the green shirt May and their beautiful daughter Shamaera.

Missing in action were, Papa, brother-in-law Sergie, Ely (2nd son of Ann-Sergie), JM (son of Marlon-May), my two daughters Mikaela and Ayana and of course dear husband who’s at the room sleeping with them. Oh and Michael 2, a seaman currently somewhere in Venezuela.

And another one, with me, in it, unfortunately I wasn’t able to hide my badly in need of a tummy tuck abdomen. I thought of cropping this picture but well, honesty they say is the best policy.

Merry Christmas!

That's me. Worst tummy pic ever. Crap!


4 thoughts on “Picture Tuesday : The Christmas Meal Edition

  1. Great that your family had a timely meal together with that suckling pig.
    Well, if you didn’t drink red wine, I drank ours..but only 1 glass and got promptly a bit drunk. It doesn’t take much to make me beet red but fortunately in the comfort of home. 🙂 It was wine from our favourite winery on Vancouver Island.

    I love crabs and in Vancouver there are huge fresh Dungeness crabs. Too bad you are allergic!

    So people like coke in your family. Maybe it’s the heat or something. Last time I had a coke or any soft drink was 3 months ago at a work function for Hallowe’en where there was nothing else to drink!

    Happy 2012, Year of the Dragon to you ava and your family!

  2. Crabs for Christmas! Next time, I’m coming over – I’ll bring the wine, too. Looks like you have a very cool family to hang out with for the holidays. As for the “tummy tuck”…ummm, can you tell me what tummy you’re talking about?

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