I Would, If I Could version 2012

Happy New Year everyone!

So, I’m trying these linkies that I believe are fun ways to get to know more friends over here at the blogosphere. I’m linking up with Stasha at The Good Life for the weekly Monday Listicles, my first time, hopefully not my last. Credits to Theresa of A Mountain Momma for this year’s first theme.

This week’s topic is about your 10 New Year’s Resolution that you will never keep. A very good topic since resolutions are rarely followed through, well at least in my case I get to have 1 resolution last year that I made true, which is blogging, and I’m so glad I made it.

Okay, so here’s mine in no particular order.

1. Read a story every night to my “still-obsessed-about-anything-leggings-4-year-old” and the “silent-yet-crafty-2-year-old” girls. (That is of course, if and only if I’ll be successful in keeping them still.  So far, I only get to hold their attention for a full 11 and a half  seconds, before Mikaela takes over and start flipping the pages and Ayana not to be outdone, grabs firmly the said book and yank it from her older sister so help me God.)

2. Select and have the pictures printed out of the 2 kids special occasions and milestones. (I’ve had this “to do” thing way back 2007, so…)

3. Select and have the pictures printed out of my 9-month memories of Hiroshima, Japan. (Errr… This is even worse. I’ve had this “to do” since 2005. Go figure.)

4. Speaking of Japan, review basic Nihonggo and take the level N5 this year. (I think I’m better off spending more effort on number 1 but still the pull to learn more Japanese is and always had been there, too bad I’m lazy.)

5. Speak English to my preschooler and toddler. (But if I can have my way, I’d like them to love reading first and foremost.)

6. Learn to cook. (Give me piles of dirty dishes anytime, you’ll hear no complains.)

7. Gain weight. (Just not pregnancy related weight gain, at least not this year please or ever?.)

8.  Enroll in a yoga class. (And since I’ve never heard of a yoga studio anywhere near where I live, this idea is moot.)

9. Get some masters units in management. (If I can’t even do, items 1 to 8, I have to wake up and stop dreaming of getting to number 9. Methinks.)

10. Learn how to apply make-up successfully on me, by me. (For this, I need help from friends. Two friends have already graciously offered their expertise, Hannah and Suzette (who is at Missouri, so geographically speaking, an impossibility), the thing is I don’t know if I still can manage the extra time to learn, what, with a full home life and an equally demanding  job, so again I implore the help of the universe on this.)

 I would love to hear from you too! Friends, feel free to share on the comments section below.


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14 thoughts on “I Would, If I Could version 2012

  1. I see weight bothers us all, one way or the other. It is a girl thing 🙂 I used to do yoga at home via dvd’s when we lived in the Middle east. Of course if it was that great I would still be doing it. Welcome to the Listicles baby!

  2. So these are resolutions you KNOW you’re not keeping, right? If so, I’m with you on #4 – brushing up on my Japanese. I can speak it but can’t read or write. If I could, I might have landed that job that paid $60 an hour plus double overtime…I’m kicking myself in the butt for quitting Japanese school!

  3. Welcome to listicles! Nice list. I’m with you on selecting and printing pictures of the kids…I’ve needed to do that for so long too! But it’s so hard. And finding the time to sit there to sort through everything and then picking the best one…..so hard!!! I hope you get some stuff printed out this year!

  4. @Nami : Hahaha! You bet! You’d be a thousand-er right now. 🙂

    @B : It sure is fun!

    @Sara : I’m loving Stasha already. I have a really good LDS friend here. Glad to know some more!

    @Janice : Your 3 munchkins are adorable. I’m hoping I’ll be able to sort out the pictures for printout and actually have them printed before this year ends. (crossing fingers)

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