The scenery, the fresh air, the simple life.

I am not so good in keeping traditions, thank God dear husband is big on it, be it, putting up the Christmas tree or the annual family vacation.

I’m not so into the Christmas tree and decors, come to think of it, I’m not so into anything house beautification or cooking or any household stuff! Again, thank God, I married someone, who is mindful of these things. The annual family vacation however is something I look forward to every year.

Not only the children get to know dear husband’s sleepy coastal hometown and families and relatives, I get to enjoy the simple life, de-stress and just soak and get lost on the beauty of simple things, the green scenery, the sea and the fresh air.

Hello dear sun!

Sky blues, a boat and the gentle lapping of the waves. I'm blessed.

Another postcard scene. Grace, Nami, I'm meditating here already.

I like these happy coconuts. Happy soaking up the sun.

I love green rice fields. This one is taken while riding a trike, a bicycle with 3-wheels on a road with the most craters and potholes, that can rival the moon's. And yes, that's a part of the yellow t-shirt our "trisikad" driver wore.

A cloudy sunset. This signals our (dear husband's and my) dusk swims which eventually was curtailed due to the cadavers and drift woods floating on Christmas day and 3 days more after.

While packing on the night of Dec. 16 and on the morning of Dec. 17, I was not aware of the tragedy that hit the Northern Mindanao provinces. Typhoon Sendong (international name Washi) made its presence known by flooding a lot of the Mindanao provinces which coincidentally is where we are headed. It was on the morning of Dec. 18, when we arrived at Maigo, that we knew of the calamity. It is a sobering experience to be near where the calamity struck. I will post something about this later on. For the meantime, I hope you’ll find some peace on the pictures I’ve shared. Glad to be back.


7 thoughts on “The scenery, the fresh air, the simple life.

  1. That’s one lovely meditation spot but very scary news about the flash floods – it’s so unfortunate that it happened during the night. In any case, glad you are safe and hope you stay that way.

  2. @B : Yes, it was a tragic Christmas for our countrymen on the southern part of the islands. It is a very sad thing and sometimes it disheartens me how the slow the government reacts and how incompetent, unskilled the people are during these kinds of national disaster.

    @Ms. Jean : Thanks! We are grateful none of dear husband’s relatives were lost or died.

    @Stasha : Life goes on indeed, I hope Filipinos will learn that denuding forests and illegal logging have serious damaging repercussions to be reckoned with.

    @Nami : Hearing about the survival stories of victims is so sad and depressing. Still, there is no other way now than to look up and move on.

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