Christmas Vacation 2011 : Day 1 & 2.

Hello friends. We are now at Michael’s hometown for our family’s annual vacation. I’m blogging using my mobile phone.  The internet is not so good here. So far these are the views I am enjoying.  When I get back to Cebu on December 30, I’ll organize some of the highlights. I hope everyone is enjoying their holidays.



9 thoughts on “Christmas Vacation 2011 : Day 1 & 2.

    • I will try my very best. I’m using mobile phone internet. The signal’s not so reliable. And also I haven’t paid for my line yet with the pending complaint I have filed yet to be resolved I may be cutoff anytime.

    • Hey B! I haven’t checked my other email address. If it’s about the typhoon Sendong, thank God we are all alright. My dear husband’s hometown is actually at Northern Mindanao, fortunately we are quite far from where the “big hit” happened. I will post something about this when I get back to Cebu. Again, thanks friend for the concern.

    • Merry Christmas Grace. For some reason, I could not connect to your site. I’ve been trying since the other day. Anyhow, I hope you will have a Merry Christmas with your family!!

  1. Remind me when we went to Maui, Hawaii 3 years ago just after New Year’s. Do enjoy your Christmas with your girls and hubby!

    We’ll be having elk with saskatoon berries wine sauce, fennel slaw, etc. for Christmas Eve dinner tomorrow.

    What will be your meal?

      • Ok, you will see a blog post on elk probably within the next 17 hrs. or so. With pics.

        Believe me, I ended up with a totally different objective for this blog post. It is more than a meat dish. 🙂

        I look forward to yours!

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