My Christmas Party Experience 2011

Arrived home from the company Christmas party and since it’s almost midnight and I’m still keyed up from the revelry, I might as well cool off, wind down by writing about it.

First, I need to share something. I don’t know how to and I don’t do –  make up. In all my 31 years, I only get to wear make up on wedding occasions that I am a flower girl or a bridesmaid, on my high school Junior/Senior prom, my high school graduation, on my college ring hop ceremony (no make up on college graduation),  and of course on my wedding day. Pathetic.  I do sometimes wear lip balm/chap stick but rarely.  One favorite motto of mine is the one from The Little Prince, “it is only with the heart that one can see rightly, what is essential is invisible to the eyes”, I’m in for inner beauty friends, throw in the lack of interest and of trying, thus, the apathy for anything make up related. One reason also is that I am lazy.  I figured early on, you have to be committed to wear make up, what, with the constant retouch, it takes time and commitment I tell you.

But as the fine lines, the wrinkles and the crow feet around the eyes appear, I am now seriously reviewing my view and take on make-ups and beauty regimens. I am too late, aren’t I? Late bloomer. Yeah, that’s me.

So for this year, in a whim, I decided, I need to go to the beauty salon and allow the professionals to do their magic, on my face and my hair.

And I’m happy I did it. I did it not to snag the “She’s Got Swag” award, but, for me. A girl’s mom’s entitled to feel and look good some times.

Pretty-fied. Not to be confused with petrified. That's actually me imitating a candid model look. Not bad eh? 🙂 Friends, just go along with me for now.


So, I will not be giving a blow-by-blow account but only about the things that made impact to me tonight, no pictures too, sorry, you can check FB though.

The party was held at Cebu International Convention Center (CICC). The Beacons club did the invocation, and they did a wonderful job! And for once, we did not wait long for dinner to be served.

The main highlights were the dance contest which is a mix of kpop, swag and hip-hop, (the party theme by the way is, *insert company name* in the Myx!) and the raffle draws.

For the raffle draws, there were a lot of minor prizes and there were 4 major ones, a DVD player, an Ipod I forgot if it was a shuffle or a nano, a BlackBerry Curve cellphone and the Samsung 32-inch flat tv which I am fervently hoping I will win. Our tv of almost 6 years,  conveniently retired last night, yes, last night. It went with a *poof* and a burnt wire smell.

All departments did okay but of course there were stand out performances. I was really surprised with the Testing and Laboratory department performance. Not only were the number of changes in costumes and the glittery props made them a stand out, it was that, I think every one of them joined in, even their department manager. Truly commendable! They placed 3rd.

The IMDS department which is a consistent winner in anything dance related, not surprisingly, bagged 1st place again this year. The mini drama plot although a bit contrived and a wee bit long, was well-thought out and well-acted. They came prepared, so to speak.

And of course, my beloved department WES. I am bias but I have to say, ours was the most shouted at  and I can say the production with the highest entertainment value! The group is composed of the newbies of the department, 6 lovely energetic girls and 16 equally energetic and charming lads. The 16 lads provided much of the entertainment. They wore pink bra-like contraption as upper costume and pink mini skirts over black leggings.  They danced Teach Me How to Dougie (which was widespread tonight, I think every other department had this song in their mix), a Korean song which is just playing on my head now, unfortunately I was not able to catch the title, and some other songs which I cannot remember now. We placed 2nd! Yay!

I have 5 people in my team who won in the raffle draws and one even won the BlackBerry Curve. Nothing for me. The universe was busy listening to other dreams more important than mine, I suppose.

The program aside from the dance numbers, are a tad boring and all the while I was wondering why there was no background music during lulls in emcees/hosts spiels.

After the major and the special awards presentation (He’s Got Swag, She’s Got Swag, Hippiest Couple, Cool Chix with Power Kicks, Dashing Dudes with Power Dos), the live band took over and the dance floor is opened.

The liveliest and the party people I’ve seen who stayed were the WST, WES, IMDS and the ADMIN + IT group, there were some ISD, SSD and CE peeps but only a handful of them.

Twas a fun night. And I think I’ll call it a night too.  Crap. It is morning already.

EDIT:  I have to post these pics for Nami.


17 thoughts on “My Christmas Party Experience 2011

  1. Ava!!! You are one hot mama!!! For someone who doesn’t know how to put on make up, you turned out amazing!!! Glad you had a great night with your colleagues. We all need nights like that 🙂

  2. Ava you look great but yes you look different now because a simple lady I use to know turns to be a gorgeous hot mama now. We are the same I don’t know how to make up and I seldom put make up but eventually you will learn just like me. Im learning now by watching videos on YOU TUBE.. (how to make up)lol

  3. I got the “She’s got Swag” award! LOL! of course have to let everyone know that you’re my classmate at the salon! 🙂 you didn’t mention the red nails that you said you “cannot carry”?! I agree that it’s one of the best parties I’ve attended in PETC… errr, this year’s events are spectacular!

  4. You look great! And it seems you have a really positive work environment! Given how much time we spend at work, that is awesome!!!!

  5. Hey ya FRIENDS!!! I’m back!!

    @Grace : We all definitely need a mommy break sometimes!

    @Mama : Thank you for giving me the cute genes!

    @Claire : Thank you for taking the time to comment. I am seeing some videos but the problem really is can I sustain this interest. I hope so too. I’ll keep you posted!

    @B : Hi B, unfortunately not. There is a saying here, you either have good luck or good looks. I only have the good looks it would seem.

    @Joie : Ate Joi, good of you to drop by again. Hahaha! Yagit man gihapon ko most of the times.. tehehe

    @Jilliang : My bad! Thank you for going with me. If you hadn’t said yes to me, I wouldn’t have the guts to go to the beauty saloon alone. Thank you!!! And you are right, the red hot nails rocked! Congratulations on your award!

    @Bj : Thanks for commenting! You did a great job that night Dong! Good job! You truly are talented! Keep on rockin’. Till next year then!

    @Stasha : Thank you for the compliment.

    @Tricia : My company does have some good merits but it is far from perfect but I really like the “family feeling” I have. I could not really say for the other associates but at least for me, I am happy where I am now. My department is like an extended family to me, the conflicts included. 😉

  6. Okay – this is one post I’m NOT forgiving you for leaving out the company pictures. Pink bras on newbie lads – that’s unimaginable! Thanks, however for including the Hot Shot of your Hair & Make. Gorgeous! Mwhaaa.

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