Christmas Launching 2011

A quick back story first. I have 8 years going on 9 with my company, as I’ve mentioned there are activities and programs that our company supports/have/ celebrates that add little by little, enthusiasm to the otherwise mundane workload and work environment. And of course the highly if not most, anticipated event is the annual Christmas Party. With the Christmas celebration, it has been a tradition to include a contest for all departments to participate in. Last year we had the Snowman contest, we’ve already had the Christmas Card, Santa Claus, Christmas tree contests among other things. We termed it Christmas Launching activities, this usually happens a week before our actual company Christmas party. This is the time when we showcase the “finished products” along the center aisle. It truly is an exciting event.

This year, the program committee opted for a live Christmas Character contest. This time of the year, regardless of the workload there is a certain cheer, there is always something to look forward too. The anticipation how other departments come up with the “goods” so to speak is in itself already an exhilarating experience, at least for me.

The Excited Crowd - Photo taken by B. Asuncion

The program opened with a very moving Lead Me Lord invocation sung by Gary V., via mp3 file, would have been great if  he’d dropped by, yeah? National anthem, then a welcome address by our HR Manager Rose.

Then the ceremonial lighting of the Christmas tree by our Director, Raul. BTW, we are an informal lot, Maam’s and Sir’s are really more of an endearment. Everyone is encourage to use first names or nicknames or anything else, as a matter of fact.

Oh Christmas Tree - Photo taken by B. Asuncion

The 3 judges were introduced and were placed strategically along the long center aisle. After the long wait, the 1st LIVE CHRISTMAS CHARACTER  walked. No. More like glide, glided.

ANGEL – from IMDS ( International Material Data System Department ) – This department have a host of creative and talented people, from dancing and apparently, wing-making. Look at those glorious wings, it’s really nice in the back too. The photographers (we have a club too) I’ve asked to share some pics, have not yet “developed” all their pics so I may have to wait until Monday next week to update this blog entry to make way for some amazing pictures.

An Angel - Photo taken by B. Asuncion.

Next was Mary, she was a vision in white and blue. There was a commotion before she appeared, the lights must be turned off. Everybody was shouting, “LIGHTS OFF! LIGHTS OFF!” And there she is, doing her serene walk. Noticed the halo/crown? Yes, it lights up, ergo the lights off for effects. 

MARY – from CE ( Cebu Electronics Department )

Mary - Photo taken by B. Asuncion.

JOSEPH – from WST ( Wiring Services and Testing Department ) – This is my dear husband’s department. He was tasked to spearhead this activity. Joseph had a donkey with him. The hilarious thing was when they stopped beside the 2nd  judge,  where a basin was also “strategically” placed for the donkey to drink water from. The “move” was a sure hit with the rowdy crowd! 

Joseph and his now NOT thirsty donkey - Photo taken by B. Asuncion.

MELCHOR – from SSD ( Seating Systems Department ) – The first king to bring his gift, the crown is pretty authentic-looking but then I was distracted by the suspiciously curtain looking I don’t know, bib? But nevertheless, he was an okay 3 Kings character for me.

King Melchor - Photo taken by M. Pastrano.

GASPAR – from EDS/ECS – This one’s a cutie. Hahaha! What made a very visual impact was the camel! He rode the camel until the middle of the aisle and then dismounted. What was distracting was the “waving”. I doubt if the 3 kings were waving then. Nonetheless, this one sold 3 Kings for me.

King Gaspar - Photo taken by B. Asuncion.

BALTAZAR – from ISD ( Interior Systems Department ) – This king is a dancing King. He’s dancing moves albeit quite irrelevant was a sure hit with the party people in the house.

King Baltazar - Photo taken by B. Asuncion.

SNOWMAN – from ADMIN ( Administration Department, composed of HR, Purchasing, Continuous Improvement team (six sigma people), etc. ) – This snowman is scary! But he was kind of cute especially when instead of moving/going forward, he did an about face and went right back where  he started from. His scary-cute minions/underlings have to run after him and fetched him. Hahaha! Comical! 

Snowman - Photo taken by B. Asuncion.

ELF – from Testing and Laboratory Department – I think it’s safe to say, I was not the only one confused what he’s suppose to be when he materialized. Then somebody mentioned he’s an ELF! Ah, ok-ay. I was thinking more on the line of the Grinch? Gremlin? Leprechaun? Sorry, but he was really kind of creepy looking. Just my opinion. I bet there are others who’d refute these statements. *ahem*

Elf - Photo taken by Y. Tomada

MRS. CLAUS – from WES ( Wiring Engineering Support Department ) – This one’s ours! We were the only department who had the chant and sing  introduction. I was one of the movers for the chant/sing intro (see italicized part 🙂 ) What made the character well-received were the cookies and the candies handed out to the boisterous audience! There were two incidences where Mrs. Claus had to wrestle the pan of cookies she’s holding from really determined big boys!

Who feeds the reindeer all their hay

Who wraps the gifts and packs the sleigh

Who’s helping Santa every day?

Mrs. Santa Claus??? (ALL) *The question marks where really there for added drama. :)*

Who keeps his red suit looking nice

Who does he turn to for advice

Who gives the brownies all their spice?

Mrs. Santa Claus!!! (ALL)

Who reads the notes from girls and boys

Turns in the order for their toys

Mrs. Santa Claus!!! (ALL)

Mrs. Claus - Photo taken by M. Pastrano.

SANTA CLAUS – from IT ( Information Technology ) – This Santa Claus is not so authentic looking, politely speaking. I was disappointed, nevertheless, he was game. He doled out some candies from his pockets, yes pockets and not bag which was a big letdown since Mrs. Claus already had a nice following of kids (engineer kids).

Santa Claus - Photo taken by Y. Tomada

The winners were:

3rd place – King Gaspar with the camel.

2nd place – WST’s Joseph (my husband was so happy, he’s one of the behind the scenes guy who brought the Character to life, it was the donkey’s antic probably that made the win)

And of course, the winner is, from WES Department! Yay! Clap, clap.

Mrs. Santa Claus played by Tiffany “Panyang” Limpangog. I’d say it was our lively intro that spell the difference.


These are some additional pictures taken by Yaung Tomada.

Mary and Joseph - Photo taken by Y. Tomada.

The 3 Kings - Photo taken by Y. Tomada.

Pretty Mrs. Claus - Photo taken by Y. Tomada.

Live Characters minus Elf - Photo taken by Y. Tomada.

P.S. Thanks Nino Aguilar for lending Kuya Bong your camera. Thanks Myles and Yaung for the pics here. I’d probably be updating this next week. Right now, we are enjoying our Engineering Day today at the back. Stay tuned!

I have to include this.

Can you find me? hahaha!


26 thoughts on “Christmas Launching 2011

  1. mka miss ing ani activities sa petc woi..thanks ava entertaining kaau imong blog…congrats to tiffany aka panyang she is a very pretty mrs.santa claus heavy ka bongga ang make up looks good on her:)

  2. wow, bibo kaayo mo bang. nagcge ko huna-huna og kinsa c mrs. claus ba. wala jud ko kaila.
    weeeh, congrats fo WES department. It was really a great idea. Nice pud kaayo ang wings sa angel 🙂

    bang, dili lagi familiar sa ako ang chant ninyo, hehehe.

  3. salamat kaayo bang! it was like im in petc watching the event though im on the other side of the globe…1st time to miss this:(
    looking forward to the next event….

  4. Considering the fact, that my comments will be uniquely English in this thread so far…

    From Canada: Joyeaux Noel, AVA! Merry Christmas. @ Canada’s 2 official languages, which includes French.

    So that’s how your company celebrates Christmas. Very different since alot of companies in Canada take a more secular approach.

    If I may offer some snowy scenes where we have vacationed close and about several km. away from home.

    This year since we will only be 120 km. south of the famed Rockie Mountains, we’ll be doing snowshoeing …after Christmas. When it’s cheaper.

    Right now, it has just snowed (again) this evening. So I guess I can’t bike like I did earlier today for groceries.

    Enjoy your holidays with family. What do you eat for Christmas dinner? Or maybe blog about it..:)

    • Hi Ms. Jean,

      Merci beaucoup. I have 50hours of French studies but it’s all dwindling now. 😉 I had French counterparts before after which I switched to the Japanese counterparts. Anyho, thanks for reading.

      There is something so touching about the snowcapped mountains. I was not able to read this post entry, thank you for sharing it here.

      Yes, I’ll do some blog post about our Christmas tradition some time this month.. Keep me posted also with your adventures this yuletide season!


      P.S. I love your pictures.

  5. @Myats : Come visit P_TC gani next time you come home!

    @Michelley : Thanks for the comment, it was Felamay who did her make-up. Panyang was really beautiful indeed. 😉

    @Joiegirl : Na transform si Panyang! Thanks, the chant was from the internet ra woi dayon gihimuan ra chant like kanang sa showtime bah. Buhis-buhay sad tu among pag chant.. hehehe

    @Mama : Thanks Ma!

    @LadyM : Salamat Lhadz! Nalipay ra pud ko nga naay daghan nalingaw ug basa.

    @Maddie : Madz, thanks for the comment, nakakamiss jud labi na your love one is here and not with you. Take care you all in Brazil.

    @MommyCandz : Thanks for dropping by, I’m still busy with the annual appraisal no time yet to create the post for the Engineering Day. Cge lang, if maka ginhawa gamay I’ll do it.

  6. Yup. We’re in the 21st century – Santa Claus has an IT background 🙂 Great pictures ! Looks like you guys had lots of fun and getting into the Christmas spirit !

  7. hmmm…it was indeed a very momentous event…the participants were able to play their role…sayang we don’t have this activity in school…hehehe…

  8. HOORAY for Mrs. Claus! Though, those wings were spectacular! How did she get in the room with them on? The Three Kings were rather magnificent and I find it truly funny that Santa comes from the I.T. department. I always pegged him for a techie. Very funny post – sorry it took so long for me to comment.

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