Dependents’ Day

Happy Monday everyone!

This post is long overdue. I’m making the effort now because, we have 2 more company activities that we are all agog about. The Engineering Day (this Friday December 2, a sort of picnic but with a lot of “engineering activities” planned) and the Christmas Party (on December 9, this is the only sked we’ve managed to snag of the venue that can accommodate all 700++ of us).

So this post is linked to this Family Week 2011 and this We Are A Family. Photo contest. For this series of posts, I am now only missing the UNDERSTANDING YOUR CHILD’S EMOTIONS and BEHAVIOR seminar. (Grace, just don’t give up hope on me yet, I’ll come around and do it some other time.)


The Dependents’ Day is the highlight of the company’s Family Week.  Here’s my impressions/recollections on said activity.



Early October 28, Friday, the office was already in festive mood. The Family Welfare Committee and HR department are all set. The kids are all excited and the parents are also psyched.


It’s a green and orange day, the balloons designates where the children can have some candies and treats.


There are some departments that are just so into the “spirit” . I love them! The committee’s kind of crowd! The scary boxes below are their own creations.

There was a program held at the canteen before the actual trick or treating. As part of the committee, I could see a lot of things to improve upon like the program is a teeny bit long but I suppose the kids were enjoying, so it kinds of negate my opinion. Also, I’d like to hire a more engaging host clown next year. Nevertheless, the kids were adorable in their costumes. I’ve seen two Green Lanterns, two snow whites, a lot of walking skeletons, a pretty ballerina, two charming mermaids, pikachu, batman, a ninja, a mummy (a close contender for the scariest costume), a sheik, Dora and a whole lot more of cuteness.

There was a puzzle contest, a dance exercise/contest and the boat-is-sinking game. After which a famous mascot, Jollibee came to visit which thrilled the kids to bits.  The cutest costumes were also awarded.

Best Family Costume – There was only one family who made the effort so it goes without saying they won. Father and son both wore skeleton costumes.

Best in Character Costume Boy – a very cute penguin (Mumble of Happy Feet I suppose)

Best in Character Costume Girl – supergirl  complete with a cape

Best in Fairy Tale Costume – Princess Jasmine and a Snow White

Best Scary Costume Girl – A witch with the meanest eyebrows makeup ever.

Best Scary Costume Boy – A part bird/boy with a knife stuck to his head. The makeup was menacing too. I’m glad no toddler was traumatized.

Cutest Costumes (3 winners) – A minnie mouse, a cute she-devil and a hyper bat boy.

 After the awarding, the kids were offered snacks and loot bags. Then the TRICK or TREAT commenced! So of course Ayana being the baby with the perfect timing, she slept when the program started and woke up when it was all done.

 There are lot way nicer pictures but I am too lazy to ask permission from the owners. All in all, it was a successful event. It gave me a real nice feeling about my workplace. This sounds sappy but there was a really nice buzz inside the building, a feeling like it was a family reunion. It was a pleasant feeling.

Did I say I love these kind of activities? And that I love that my company have supported these family-oriented activities? Yeah, I bet I did.



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